Today’s episode focuses on overcoming self-doubt and second guessing yourself in your business and your motherhood journey. Olivia and Taylor chat about how we can be focused on approaching our limiting beliefs with clarity, what some of those limiting beliefs look like in women, the difference between hustle and strategy, and her top tips for moving past the struggle. Find Olivia at

How To Overcome Self-Doubt and Second Guessing in Business with Olivia Charlet

Olivia Charlet is the CEO and Founder of Olivia Charlet International Ltd, a company dedicated to providing mindset coaching and personal development to ambitious women entrepreneurs around the world. Olivia specializes in helping female business owners uncover their limiting beliefs, thinking habits and underlying patterns that keep them stuck at their current level in business.



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Show Notes:

  • What does “Hustle Like A Mother” mean to you?
    • I started my business probably about seven years ago now and for the first five and a half, I didn’t have a child. And so I really felt what it felt like to be a business owner without kids. Whereas now, my husband and I split the time in terms of taking care of our son. And so it means that I four and a half, five hours and then that’s it. And you know, to someone maybe that’s a lot of time, but in that time, I look to like work out, I do my mindset work, I do journaling. So really, it’s such a different experience and I’m sure there are moms out there who have even less time than I do that like to run businesses. So, you know, hustling like a mom, it’s just so different.
    • The truth is you wanna be connected to the work that you’re doing. You don’t just wanna do things, you know? You don’t just only go through your to-do list. And sometimes like, granted, you kind of have to do that because that’s just life, whatever. But you just wanna be like, actually in the zone, you wanna be connected to what you’re doing. You wanna feel present to it. And sometimes like you said, it does take few hours to [get there].
    • I think sometimes we can get caught up in the day-to-day with little kids. You know, I kind of forget that there are good parts too. That it’s not all just insanity and taking time to remember that I think grounds me and reminds me, you know, why I have this job instead of a traditional job as well. One of the big draws for me, for working for myself, was to have more time with my kids.
  • I would love for you to tell me a little bit about your story and your business and kind of how you got started with that and what that shift felt like once you had kids.
    • I started off in finance and initially I was like, this is really exciting. I guess I was always one of those people where I was quite ambitious, quite driven and it was fun and it felt cool, like I’m learning so much. And because I have a strong value around learning that worked quite well for me. But then two years in, I just remember thinking like, is there any meaning to this? I just didn’t really feel like I was making, I know this sounds really cliche, but it felt like what am I really doing this for? Who am I actually helping here? Like how is this making the world any better than it is?
    • I started a dating events business for global nomads for people who are like multicultural. I was born in Japan and moved to Germany, South Africa, Austria, like all over the place. So I was like, oh, what if I created kind of like a dating website or dating events for, you know, people like me who grew up in a kind of crazy place or who are just people from different cultures and just feel like they’re quite different. I fell in love with running a business and like growing a business and it felt there was just so much to learn. 
    • I went to this coaching weekend and honestly it was just a game changer. It wasn’t even the event itself. It was just the fact that I had never asked myself these like introspection questions. I’d never been coached before. I had never really did like a dive deep into my passions, my fears, my desires, my drains, my, my values, my wants – the things that, you know, scare me, the things I want more of. I had never looked into any that stuff. So when I went to that weekend and we started doing that, I was like, oh my gosh, this is really exhilarating. This feels so like, like expansive and fun and light and joyful. So that’s kind of my introduction to coaching. And then I basically stopped the other business to start my own like mindset coaching business, coaching female business owners to really just crush it for them to unleash for them to like, you know, deal with all their blocks and their fears and really help them massively grow their businesses, all that stuff.
  • What are some of the most common limiting beliefs that you see in female business owners?
    • One of the ones that comes up a lot is like feeling like they’ll never be the kind of person who really succeeds. I tend to work with really driven, very ambitious women. They’ve obviously hit a certain level of success now, whatever that means for each person, but when they really think about like their “ultimate dream” is, like becoming the New York Times bestseller or having a fashion brand that’s internationally renowned or writing novels or doing X, Y, Z, like whatever it might be – the bigger dream it’s like there’s that limiting belief like, am I even really that kind of person, do you know what I mean?
  • Can you tell us where we can find you on the internet and how we can learn more about you?

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