In this episode, Clare discusses WHY women struggle with finding authenticity and purpose in their personal and professional lives, and how they can find clarity. We cover actionable steps to take right now in order to stoke the fire of genuine passion in your business and keep those flames growing. Clare also discusses her Clarity Design Method and how it helps women discover their true purpose. Find Clare HERE.

Finding Clarity, Authenticity and Purpose with Clare Thibeau

Clare Thibeau is a Clarity Coach and Educator who helps business professionals and teams speak their vision into existence and develop strategy around how to take action to achieve what they want. She has worked with a diverse group of clients from the management team of large Idaho-based law firm Hawley Troxell to the founders of personal transformation start-up Soul Healing Sisterhood. She hosts a weekly blog that offers inspiration, education, and insight into how to take ownership of your future. She also earned her MBA from Boise State University in an entrepreneur-focused program. Clare created the Clarity Design Method to guide her clients to clarity, empowerment, and alignment through a creative process of visualization, brainstorming, and design thinking in a virtual setting.



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