Today’s episode is with Cait Wilker, a raw motherhood blogger + mental health advocate. We are covering why you should be prioritizing your mental health as a working mom, what it means to put yourself “first” without sacrificing the wellbeing of your children and how to keep self-care at the forefront of your mind. You can find Cait HERE!

Prioritizing Your Mental Health as a Working Mom with Cait Wilker

Cait is a life and style blogger at Cait’s Cozy Corner. Within her corner of the blog world she loves sharing her raw motherhood moments, balancing her time with home, work and fitness as well as inspiring and encouraging others to live their best life.



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  • Motherhood was definitely scary and she quickly realized that having your own kids definitely is different than babysitting someone else’s kids.
    • Cait started her blog in 2010, she was in graduate school to be a librarian in elementary schools, and she needed a creative outlet.
    • Back then, it was more of a day in a life diary kind of setting vs brand deals and influencer marketing.
    • It wasn’t until after graduating and getting married that she realized she could really turn this into a career.
  • She suffers (like most of us) with shiny object syndrome – it can be so hard to keep focused on what she actually wants to do.
  • She is an enneagram 2, which is a helper – so her life revolves around helping others.
    • Taylor is OBSESSED with the enneagram, she is an enneagram 3 (aka: the achiever).
  • It took Cait a while to discover how different every baby is – and how gentle she needed to be on herself as a mom.
    • Mom guilt was REALLY REAL for Cait, she was so hard  on herself and she felt like a terrible mom. She had really bad postpartum anxiety. She figured because she wasn’t diagnosed with postpartum depression, she was fine. But she realized she really wasn’t.
      • She didn’t know there was a difference between postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety, and it took talking to several doctors to discover what was actually happening.
      • The more people talk about it and normalize it, the better it will be for new moms.
      • There are SO many things we gloss over or don’t talk about to new mothers and that is often at the detriment of new moms.
  • As a working mom, you really need to prioritize your mental health because you are constantly emptying your cup for other people.
    • Whether that is your children, your clients, your spouse/partner.
    • We cannot pour from an empty cup.
    • Prioritizing mental health can look different for everyone.
      • It doesn’t always have to be a bubble bath and glass of wine after the kids go to bed.
      • You need to look at yourself and what fills your cup in order to determine what you need to be doing to keep yourself “full”


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