Ashley + Ashley are two AMAZING women I’ve had the pleasure of working with prior on some blog things (notable: my 25th birthday and Jack’s 1st birthday). I was so excited to chat with them about how to work with a partner and how their idea actually took off. Let’s dive into this.

Stop Waiting and JUST DO IT! with Ashley Roberts + Ashley Detweiler from Party Hop

Today’s episode is all about how to work with a business partner – and why it’s imperative in business ownership to QUIT WAITING on your ideas to be perfected and to just jump right into things. It’s worth it to figure it out on the way down. Ashley & Ashley are two party lovers born and raised in the Midwest who have been friends for over 2 decades. After party hopping for their own kiddos, they decided to bring the ease of pulling off the perfect party to your doorstep. We talk all about pitfalls and overcoming the madness to chase your dreams! You can find them at and @partyhopshop on instagram!



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  • Moms hustle harder than anyone else – especially after you had more than one kid.
    • Now, it’s all about time and time management. Learning what you should say yes or no to.
    • The amount moms can accomplish in a little bit of time is just insane.
    • Dads also do a lot – but moms have a different and unique role.
      • Even in totally equal homes, often moms take the role of primary caretaker.
    • With each kid, you even get a little MORE skilled and hustle harder and make it happen for you and your family.
  • Ashley + Ashley realized that they were spending hundred and hundreds of dollars at Party City for decorations that were cheap, not modern, and boring.
    • They wanted to bring in something that was sleek, beautiful, functional and better quality to parties around the St. Louis area.
    • A lot of people are scared of sharing their “secret sauce” but Ashley + Ashley don’t share that mindset.
      • They believe in lifting up other women and sharing what has worked for them.
      • It should be WAY MORE about collaboration instead of competition.
        • There is more than enough business to go around.
        • This way of thinking really takes the pressure off and allows friendships to flourish.
      • More people think this way than you think, you just need to reach out and ask.
  • Sometimes you just have to dive in and do it.
    • Ashley + Ashley played around this idea for a year before finally acting on it.
      • They decided if they were going to do it, they wanted to do it together.
        • This can be a tricky navigation for people who are friends prior to becoming business partners.
        • This can have potential ups and downs but communication is KEY in this kind of friendship + relationship + business partners.
        • They’ve mastered how to work together effectively and efficiently.
        • It’s more fun to have a partner and they are able to share the load when it comes to different aspects of the business.
    • They started in January of 2018 – right when Ashley found out she was pregnant.
      • They could have made the decision, ok this isn’t the right time.
        • There will NEVER be a perfect time. It’s part of life.
          • They decided to dive into it and do it anyways.
          • Life is always going to be crazy and always going to be busy and if you keep waiting for that perfect time, you’ll miss it.
  • Hiring employees can be super scary – but a necessary part of growth.
    • The best way to figure out if it’s time for you to hire someone is to decide if you are LOSING money by not having help.
      • They were right on the cusp of hiring someone when they realized they were turning down more jobs than they wanted to simply because they didn’t have enough hands for the installations.
    • It can be hard to hand off control for your business BUT when you find the right people for your team, you’ll have an easier time doing that.
  •  Can you really have it all?
    • It depends on how you want it to be.
      • Having it all to me may be different than someone else.
    • You CAN have it all if you can be content where you are today.
      • If you are NEVER happy with where you are at, you will never FEEL like you have it all.
        • If you can get comfortable with that, you will feel like you have it all.
        • Never stop chasing your dreams, but remember to take inventory with what you have and be grateful for that.

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