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Welcome to Taylor, Lately: a hub for all things motherhood, beauty and lifestyle for the ambitious woman.

My goal? To help ambitious women find a place to connect on the internet.

The Taylor, Lately blog is the place to be if you’re looking for motherhood musings, some of my all-time-favorite things (cue the The Sound of Music), product reviews & recommendations, and inspirational tidbits (when the mood strikes).

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Brand Work

A Portfolio of sponsored content

Sponsored Blog Posts

Taylor, Lately blog posts are long-form content that include hi-res, professional images, honest commentary and a minimum of 600 words with easy-to-shop links. Below are some previous sponsored work.

images below link directly to blog posts

ROUND UP: My Top Favorite Physicians Formula Products

Three Things You NEED To Add To Your Baby Registry

Why It’s Important To Protect Your Digital Footprint (+ HOW)

Easy Mocktail Recipes with Simply Times Mixers

How To Easily Add SPF Into Your Daily Routine

15 Style Tips On How To Wear A Faux Fur Coat This Winter


What You Need To Know To Make The Switch To NATURAL Deodorant

How To Prevent Wrinkles Overnight (The Easy Way)

Social Media Posts

My social media posts are witty, real, always conversational, + never forced or inauthentic. 

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Video Content

My videos mainly focus on beauty content like hair + makeup tutorials that are fun and easy to recreate!

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Taylor tucking hair behind ears

Hi, I’m Taylor. I have been a full time content creator for the last 6 years, spanning social media platforms across the web. I LOVE talking with my followers and I LOVE working with brands that support my mission.

I believe in using this space to make genuine connections both with my readers and followers and with the brands that I choose to partner with.


Additional package rates available upon request and all prices are subject to change based on exact deliverables + intended brand image usage rights. 

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Home Base

St. Louis, MO

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If you want to get personal, check out my socials. I share daily life (aka: my mom bun and probably my cats), things that make me laugh, local faves, small shops I adore, books I’m currently reading, and drool-worthy nail inspo. There’s more than that but you get the picture.


my most popular platform – the one that started it all. I am active daily in stories, so you can get real-time updates on me, the brand, and whatever my kids are up to that day!


this is mostly embarrassing voice overs, trending sounds, and makeup transitions. It’s obnoxious. I love it.


wanna see what I thought my wedding would look like in 2012 (+ thank the lord it didn’t???) – plus also quotes, recipes and blog posts I love? Come hang with me here.

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Taylor, Lately is a popular St. Louis lifestyle blog aimed at bringing busy, multipassionate women tips and tricks to owning their life at every phase.

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