Now that Jack is almost a YEAR OLD this week (I just don’t know where the time went) – it’s time to do a little rewind back to when we were filling his baby registry with ALL THE THINGS. There were so many things we didn’t end up using, but a few that really stood out to us from Philips Avent – the smoothie snuggles, ultra soft pacifiers, ultra sir pacifiers and the microwave steam sterilizer bag! Until Jack became a thumb sucker, we definitely couldn’t leave the house without them and they were a staple on our trip to New York!! Let’s dive into this.

THREE Things You Need To Add To Your Baby Registry!

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Soothie Snuggles (Elephant + Giraffe)

These are absolutely wonderful to have with you when you are traveling and they’re GREAT for babies who can’t quite roll over or sit up because the little soft animal stays on their chest so they don’t lose it!! They are comforting and soft and the pacifier can be interchanged with larger sizes as the baby gets bigger!! Plus they’re so easy to clean:

  1. Detach the soothie pacifier from the snuggle
  2. Sterilize the soothie in either the steam sterilizer bag OR boiling water for 5 min.
  3. Allow the soothie to cool for 5 min and they squeeze out any trapped water.
  4. Check the product in case of damage or weakness (+ replace every 4 weeks!)
  5. Wash the plush toy in a mesh laundry bag and air dry.

I love these because once Jack moved to sucking his thumb consistently, we were able to keep the snuggle around  for comfort! Even better – these are the same pacifiers used by healthcare professionals to calm newborns in the hospital.

Ultra Soft Pacifier & Ultra Air Pacifier

These pacifiers are awesome – and we would keep one clipped to Jack with his pacifier clipped and one in the diaper bag just in case we needed to switch it out or he dropped his on accident. The soft pacifier has a 96% nipple acceptance rate in babies, and a soft shield for less irritation and skin marks. The air pacifier has a large shield with holes designed to allow the skin to breathe – and a 98% nipple acceptance rate! 

Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bag

This is extremely important to have when your baby takes pacifiers. I always feel better about these steam sterilizer bags because I KNOW they’re being effectively sterilized. No bacteria or dirty germs on these pacifiers!

I know it can be so overwhelming creating your baby registry, so hopefully this helps you make the right choice is pacifiers for your little one! If you want a chance to win everything mentioned and pictured here – enter below!

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