Happy FRI-YAY, all! Today, I am going to be sharing some of my MUST-HAVE spring 2020 baby items!! Jack has been LOVING these items and I know your baby will, too! We’ve got everything from teething toys, loveys, diaper rash cream and more. Check out all my favorites below:

BABY ON BOARD! Must-Have Spring 2020 Baby Items

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aden + anais NEW Snuggle Knit Collection

This newborn gift set is from aden + anais is SO BUTTERY soft and perfect for your little one! Jack is on the bigger end of six months old, but still fits in and loves this collection. It comes with a knotted gown that makes the length customizable, a sweet knotted baby hat, a swaddle blanket (we take one in the diaper bag every where we go so we can bundle him up in his carseat) and a bandana bib. There are several colors to choose from so girl or boy, there is a set for each (plus a gender neutral set). It’s perfect for babies from 0-3, but can be used beyond.

The snuggle knit lovey is also insanely soft. Jack LOVES his loveys – he has several he sleeps with and takes with him in the carseat. This one is stretchy, huggable and also comes in 3 patterns! This Lovey matches the snuggle knit newborn gift set from above. It’s perfect for travel, playtime and bedtime! 


Lil’ Squish Jellyfish Sensory Rattle + Teething Toy

Jack is LOVING this rattle! It’s the perfect size for his little hands and he can grab on and shake! He loves the sounds it makes and he loves chewing on it. Those teeth are coming in hot now that he’s 6 months old and this 100% silicone toy is perfect to relieve some of that pressure. It has fun colors and textures, and it isn’t one of those toys that’s an eyesore – it’s actually SO cute.


Baby Balm and Baby Lotion from Pipette

One thing we will never get enough of in this house is baby lotion. Jack has EXTREMELY dry skin (and some eczema patches), so we are constantly lathering him up, sometimes up to 3 times a day. The extra rich baby balm is super gentle but perfect for sensitive areas like the diaper line, knees and elbows. 

The baby lotion immediately hydrates Jack’s skin and works to retain the moisture level all day long. We use it all over his body from his dry little cheeks to his chapped little toes! 

PLUS – there’s an article all about Pipette in the November 2019 copy of Good Housekeeping (page 49) that shares about how their products are formulated without parabens and fragrance! 


Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength

I first learned about Boudreaux’s Butt Paste from my husband actually – LOL. He swears by this stuff and so we’ve always kept it in the house. It’s so gentle on baby skin but it really does kick that diaper rash to the curb. Jack is prone to them, so we make sure to always have this on hand in case he gets a flare up! We also have a travel size I keep in the diaper bag at all times, too. 

It visibly improves his diaper rash in 3 hours or less and has 40% zinc oxide (the thickest barrier of protection so Jack’s skin can heal). PLUS – no dyes, parabens, talc or preservatives.


Tinkle Crinkle Activity Ball + Tinkle Crinkle Caterpillar from GUND

This caterpillar has become one of Jack’s very favorite toys!!! He loves to snuggle with it and he is a HUGE fan of anything crinkly – so it’s a big win in our house. It has bright colors, a rattle, squeaker and fabric with different textures. Better than that – it is machine washable so next time Jack has a blow out right in the middle of all his toys (been there, done that) it can go directly in the machine with everything else.

I LOVE this tinkle crinkle ball!! It has 3D characters in fun textured fabrics that Jack loves to touch and play with. It is soft and light, so when he inevitably drops it on his face, it bounces right off, no harm no foul. It’s easy for him to grip, even at 6 months old, and is the perfect size for hugging. BONUS: this is also completely machine washable.


I hope you found items here that you LOVED and that you want to try for your baby this spring! Lotions and diaper rash creams can be so hit or miss – but I can assure you these work SO WELL, even on Jack’s super sensitive skin.And that little jellyfish teeth is cute AND can be connected to his carseat in the car! Wins all the way around, folks!

What is your best baby must-have?! Let me know in the comments below!

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