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I help multi-passionate women entrepreneurs enter their smarter-not-harder era with strategic and intuitive systems and automations for their business.

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My mission is to help multipotenialite women bring order and action into their businesses (without the stress). My job? To create and integrate intuitive processes designed to automate and organize your business through the development of task, project and customer relation management programs.

You’ve got the vision, and I’ve got the steps to get you there.

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Strategy / Workflow Session

2-hour session focused on developing your business systems, programs and operations. End the session with an implemented project management system and clear next steps.

Ideal for those looking for a Done-With-You approach.

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Work with me

Systems Audit

30 minute call designed to get some info & details on your systems pain points and then email you your personalized audit plan. You will be delivered an overview of your systems, pin-pointed inefficiencies, recommendations for better programs and automations, and an implementation plan for you to put into place post-audit.

Ideal for those looking for a guided DIY approach.


The Ultimate Automation Toolkit

This do-it-yourself toolkit is your guide to fully automating your business. This is a comprehensive toolkit that teaches you when you need to automate (vs outsourcing or manually handling a task), what exactly to automate – so there is no guesswork, every tool I recommend to get started, and an insight into my personal automations that I use to create funnels, sales and streamline my business.

Ideal for solopreneurs looking to streamline their business.

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Work with me

VIP Implementation Day

A VIP Day includes 5 hours of behind-the-scenes work to give you completely done-for-you systems in one day. No more putting off creating your workflows, organizing your content and digital files, or automating your processes. You will end up with a system you can scale that is ready to use.

Ideal for any size solopreneur or entrepreneur.

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Speaking in front of women and encouraging them to be bold and take action is my jam. Over the last 5 years, I’ve both been a speaker and a host to several in-person and virtual events surrounding business growth, organization & optimization, the importance of systems and structure and time management.

Speaking fees begin at $1500, but can vary depending on the time and scope of the project. Please reach out below to inquire about your specific engagement.

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