Today’s episode with Julie Ciardi covers how to use social media to create a REAL human connection in your business, leveraging your following to maximize your impact, how to leave your corporate job to pursue freedom and happiness and advice for those ready to make the jump! You can find Julie HERE.

Using Social Media to Create REAL Human Connection with Julie Ciardi

Julie Ciardi is a former Fortune 500 marketing VP turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the podcast host of IGNITE Your Side Hustle. Julie believes that there has never been a better time for women to create an additional income stream that is aligned to her passions and purpose on this planet. She also believes that it is the wild wild west out there for these women; they are wasting so much time and money and not MAKING money. It is causing friction with their spouse, affecting their confidence, and robbing them of their dreams. With this in mind, Julie is dedicated to helping women create profitable side hustles that give them joy, purpose and profit with proven, timeless business strategies in today’s online world.

Julie is the creator of IGNITE University – a one of a kind program to ignite purpose, passion and profit with proven methodologies in business as well as creating a mastermind space for like minded women.

Julie is mom to two teenagers and a kindergartner, and wife to a police officer.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • I love the word hustle. A lot of people will say you need to just sit and manifest and you know, your dreams will come true. Heck no, you’ve got to have the dream. You’ve got to have a plan. You’ve got to have the vision. Figure out what you want and then have that goal and do the hustle to get there.
    • I think that we’ve lost that ability to develop persistence because it’s kind of like where we’re talking about social media and all the “shoulds” of being a mom – the same thing applies when it comes to trying to grow and start a business that the shiny objects of “do this and it will happen faster.” Everyone wants instant results.
    • The number one thing that will bring you business success is being consistent in your business.
    • What I see happen for women that switch gears too fast, too often, too much is that they create a very confused audience. And a confused audience will always say no to buying anything.
    • Have your core messages that you have on repeat with the same call-to-actions over and over and over again. It doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s another big one when it comes to what you’re going to hustle on – be consistently repetitive.
    • Pivoting is great, just make sure you’re not doing it because you have this illusion that something’s going to be easier.
  • Tell me a little bit more about what you do and how you help women and what those clients look like for you.
    • When I was in my corporate job and I wasn’t fulfilled, I wasn’t happy. It was a really big, bold move to leave that job. I started with a side hustle.
    • What I did from the very start was invested in help – I always had mentors, even in the big company that I was in. So of course, when I came into the entrepreneur world, I’m like, well, I need to find the expert because I want to work with someone.
    • My mission now is to help women understand that they shouldn’t be going alone, that they should have other women. Be around women that are going through what you’re going through to be that support system. You want people that are going to have your back when you’re having a low day. Cause they’re going to happen.
    • My program has four components in one thing – coaching, training, mastermind, and accountability.
  • I want you to leave my listeners with your best piece of advice for those who are in those side hustles, in those mom years of “how are we going to make this work? I have this goal, but what do I do with it?” What is your big piece of advice for those women?
    • For anyone that is worried that it’s going to make them a worse mom or they’re being selfish, or they’ve got that guilt (which comes up a lot) at least then think of, you know what, I’m also doing this for them because I am going to change their mindset of what’s possible.
    • You pursuing your thing (your dreams) is going to have a ripple effect in your family and relationships.

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