Today’s episode features Emily Foley – a freelance journalist (+ mom of two) who specializes in beauty, fashion and celebrity trends. We discuss the harmful myths of “work-life balance”, the reality of setting boundaries as a working parent and how to show up to motherhood with authenticity. You can find Emily on instagram at @emilylfoley.

Busting Work-Life Balance Myths + Showing Up Authentically In Motherhood with Emily Foley

You guys are going to LOVE today’s episode! Emily is so much fun – she is a QUEEN at being a work-at-home mom, has had an amazing career in journalism and tv segments and is one of the nicest people I’ve gotten to talk with. Today’s episode is full of amazing nuggets about thriving in a career-driven setting while still showing up for your kids. Let’s dive into it!



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  • Once you become a mother – you learn pretty quickly what you have time to do and not.
    • You become SO good at making the most of each second you have to get things done.
  • Emily started freelancing and planning her family – and was definitely able to “plan” in a sense what her life was going to look like with small children.
    • She is super type A and has a hard time asking for help, so she was really meticulous about figuring out what her schedule would be and worked hard to make sure that was her reality.
  •  Emily and her husband and so different in how they approach certain situations that learning to communication in the early stages of parenthood was VITAL for them.
    • Both of them work, so they needed to make sure they were on the same page and functioning as a true team.
  • A big part of Emily’s success is the fact that Emily says YES to as much as possible.
    • She says “yes” first and then figures it out later, and that honestly has served her well in raising the ranks and creating her own opportunities.
  • Giving yourself grace has been a crucial lesson for Emily because when you say yes to everything in your career – sometimes things fall through the cracks.
    • Determining what she can have slip if necessary was SO important to maintaining some kind of balance and control in her life.
    • Allowing herself to “fail” on certain things for become pickier about what she accepts in her life has been a game changer.
  • COVID really put a dent in productivity for so many work at home parents because none of us had childcare all of a sudden – schools were closed, daycares were closed, everyone was quarantining.
    • Parents had to all of a sudden figure out HOW to work with kids running around the house.
      • That was so hard for so many moms in particular – and we all are still trying to navigate that as virtual learning starts happening.
  • Asking for help can be SO HARD for enneagram 3w2s – and anyone with a type A personality.
    • Once you are able to ask for help, you can kind of let go of some of that guilt and stress.


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