This episodes talks about Vanessa’s entrepreneurial journey, and why it is SO important for her to teach women how to connect physical fitness and mental fitness when running a business. We chat about what it means to link fitness and productivity and how you can use that to your advantage as a business owner. Find Vanessa HERE!

Feeling Strong in Mind AND Body with Vanessa Flores

Vanessa Flores is a beast mode personal trainer and health coach. Before starting The Strong Fit Life, Vanessa worked for 8 years as a fitness trainer in multiple gyms. Today, Vanessa helps people across the US get stronger physically and mentally with her signature Strong Fit Formula and her online program, Unleash the Beast. She is on a mission to help you feel strong in mind and body so that you perform at your peak on the mat and beyond, at home, in business and in life. Best part? She has you accomplishing this strength, LIVE, virtually from the convenience of your home. When she is not leading a sweat-fest, Vanessa Flores enjoys a glass of Malbec and trying new restaurants with her hubby and two young kiddos.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • I was 37 weeks pregnant when the world shut down and I lost my job and I was like, okay, one door closed. This is the opportunity to either go for the open opportunity and really ramp up my business or being 37 weeks pregnant, I could take this time and enjoy it and pick up when I’m ready. And instead, I was like, no, you know, I’m all about going for what you want. This is the opportunity to go for my business and build it. So I created a challenge. I’m doing burpees, I’m doing jumping jacks, pushups, leading workouts, and really, you know, just kept on going. And that’s where my business really took off. And I’m like, that’s hustling like a mother.
  • What did that look like being a new business owner and a brand new mom for the second time?
    • It really lit a fire under me! I started my Unleash the Beast program and I did lead a couple of workouts before my baby came. I had a library of recorded workouts, so I was able to use those, and I gave myself about two weeks until I went back in and I started putting all the systems in place.
    • I also entered a mentorship group and it really helped me put systems into place. It helped me to be more automated as before I was doing everything manually. And now I have two little ones. I really couldn’t keep up with that. Putting all of those systems into place has really helped me move and grow my business to where I am today.
    • I do have to set boundaries to be able to give the attention that my kids need, but also give the attention that my work needs as well. It really is all in the mindset. When things do get tough, can you take a step back and be like, where do I need to put my focus right now?
  • One of your big purposes is to help women feel strong in their minds and in their body. Tell me why it’s so important to you to be able to be somebody who’s impacting women in this way. What does that mean to you and why did that end up your mission?
    • I always struggled with body image and self-esteem and yo-yo dieting and always having that diet mentality and always wanting to lose weight. I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t healthy either. I felt like I was there, but I wasn’t present.
    • We only have one life, one body. Why not make it the best and be there for when are you able to keep up with our kids? Taking care of your body and honoring your body in that way, I think is so beautiful.
  • One of the things we were talking about earlier is the hustle of being an entrepreneur and the productivity and all of that good stuff that goes along with being an entrepreneur and then linking it to this health journey, too. What do you think links this physical activity and productivity and success in your mind?
    • When you feel great on the inside, you feel like you’re at the top of the world.
    • Good physical activity, getting your heart pumping, doing something that excites you could lead to more productivity in your day.
    • My workouts are all about metabolic training. It boosts your metabolism in 40 minutes or less, and you get cardio and strength together without going out for a run. And it’s all full body. So you get the most bang for your buck. Really. Every time you leave the workout, you will feel unstoppable.
  • Tell me a little bit more about your program Unleash the Beast.
    • It’s a monthly membership, but no contract. We do four live zoom workouts every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 AM Central Standard Time, 8:30 AM on Sundays Central Standard Time. They’re all 40 minutes or less.
    • I also do two workshops a month, one focuses on food and checking in. And the other one is a workshop on form.
    • You can take a free class if you visit

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