Today’s episode is all about creating the CEO life you really crave utilizing time management, automations and systems. We chat about Johanna’s life as a serial entrepreneur, her best tips for time management, and her advice for business moms looking to start automating certain areas of their business! Find Johanna HERE!

Creating A CEO Life: Time Management, Automation and Systems with Johanna Buss

Johanna is the host of the Stable Mama podcast and runs the Stable Mama Movement Community where she shares tips on habits, systems, routines and automation that will help you start mastering the boss mama lifestyle ASAP.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • As a mother, it’s not really about the hustle anymore. It’s about working smarter and not harder.
    • I cherish every moment I get with my children. However, my passions are a huge part of who I am. So finding that balance where you’re still hustling and feeling fulfilled in everything that you are and still being there and being the mom you want to be is huge.
    • I really think that comes down to being really intentional with your time, because time is the most valuable thing you have and when you’re intentional with it and you use it to the best of your ability, that’s when you are a rockstar in both worlds.
  • So tell us about your life as a serial entrepreneur. What are your three businesses? What are you currently working on?
    • So I have three businesses and I own two of them with my husband. We started up our first business within, I don’t know, like a week of being married. We were crazy. We have a lawn care maintenance business, my husband’s electrical company, and now I have a coaching business.
    • With my coaching business, I help other amazing boss women get out of their own way so that they can build up profitable, successful businesses and hit those 5k months, you know, without all the trauma and just kind of simplifying it for them.
  • So you specifically focus on sharing tips that have to do with your habits, systems, routines, automations, all of these things that go into the stable mama. So what are your best time management tips for our boss moms?
    • I’m all about the simple systems and just really asking yourself, do I need to do this? I think that’s the second part about time management is like, we over-complicate everything. So I just got in a habit of asking myself like, do I need to do it? or am I stalling? or am I using my time most effectively?
    • Another great tip I have is – I don’t want to say use your children. I always never know how to phrase it – but we underestimate our children. If we delegate to our children, not only do things get off of our plates, but you increase responsibility in your children and they get excited because they know they’re helping out.
    • My last tip is is always mindset. Set a timer for one minute, twice a day and you just have to notice how you’re feeling. Be like, what’s on my mind? Why am I stressed? Why do I feel overwhelmed? Your mindset is really important because if we are only harboring negative, like negativity, that’s what comes out in our work.
  • So in terms of automations – you talk a lot about routines and automation. What advice do you have for business moms looking to start automating certain areas of your business?
    • It’s those time-consuming tasks that you hate – that is really is the best place to start automating. You can delegate those or automate those.
    • I do automating a little bit differently because I like to automate myself. It’s connecting those dots and doing the tasks that you don’t really want to do without even thinking about it. And it makes it so much easier.
    • Embrace the fact that like, hey, I’m different and I’m going to do it my way. And if I own that, it’s mine. I’m going to be awesome at it. This goes back to shifting that mindset, Because all of a sudden I felt more productive and I was proud of myself when I was able to get the things done at the end of the day that I was put on my list.
    • You don’t have to become somebody else in order to be successful. You just have to become the best version of you.
  • So what is success to you?
    • It matters what success means to you, because if you’re defining it like someone else, you are never going to get there because it means nothing to you. So really owning what it means to be successful. Like what kind of freedom? What does freedom look like to you? How are you spending it? That’s when you’re going to be motivated.
    • We were all created differently. We were created for different purposes. We were created for different lives. And when you are okay with the life that you were created for, and you are excited for it and allow yourself to live it without any one else’s expectations, I think that’s when you’re the most successful and the happiest, really.
    • It’s not always about the business and how successful you are in that end, but it’s the freedom that your business is allowing.
  • What is your best-kept secret for managing a thriving business and raising babies all at the same time?
    • My best-kept secret is, is just remembering when you are super fulfilled in what you’re doing and iyou love life, you bring that to your motherhood.
    • I also think it’s important to differentiate why you’re doing this business. Like this should be a business you love or that you’re passionate about. And I feel like that’s going to be the real difference-maker between whether you’re thriving in business and in motherhood, or if it’s just another job.
  • I know you have a freebie, so if you want to tell everybody a little bit about the freebie and then also where they can find you on the internet, that’d be great.
    • My freebie is just 20 Time Management Hacks for Moms. So what are those like small 20 things I’m going to get it right. Eventually things you can do and start implementing really quickly that are going to save you time, have your schedule running so much smoother and just, you know, getting you back in that thriving zone versus just surviving.
    • Website:
      Facebook Group: The Empowered Mama Movement
      Podcast: The Stable Mama Podcast

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