In today’s episode, Rose and I discuss what a “creative strength” is – and how you can use it to your benefit in business. We also chat about how you can go about beginning to discover these creative strengths and how you can define that for yourself. Rose shares her best tips for empowering our creative strengths and what a difference that can end up making to you and your business. You can find Rose HERE.

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Author, Speaker, Creativity Strategist and dog mom, Rose Gabler, has spent her life surrounded by artists and creatives. Not knowing how to put the pieces together between the art world and the business world she had her sights on, she set out on an international quest to find commonalities in the various meanings of creativity. After traveling to over 30 countries, acquiring her master’s degree in Business of Arts and Culture, and interviewing dozens of experts from various industries, she has finally found clear connections between our creative potential and our abilities to achieve personal and professional success.



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  • Can you tell me what hustle like a mother means to you?
    • I can’t help but think of my own mom and like all the hard work that she puts in. I’m 30 years old and I still feel like she’s always hustling for me. It’s such a deep connection that we have to this perspective of hustling in the entrepreneurial sense. I tend to associate it more so with grit. And having your determination and your ability to persist while the challenges and the fears are still present, to just keep going and doing what you can. I think that it’s just a really important characteristic in any industry. And especially with your creativity.
  • I would love for you to tell us a little bit about your story, and your business, and how you kind of got to where you were.
    • I followed my family down this art path. I studied art history, international business, and culture. I personally just had trouble connecting the two – the business side and the artistic creative side. And it wasn’t until I was out on my own and doing my own entrepreneurial gigs and blogging and just like starting my own route that I realized that it’s all actually connected and intertwined and it’s not limited to just one industry either. That’s where my research began a few years ago. 
    • During 2021, I just buckled down and I took all my research and I interviewed more people on the topic and found more of a universal approach to creative growth. And that is what led to my book – The Creativity Gene: Five Universal Traits to Spark Success.
  • What is a creative strength? What are examples of that and how can we begin to discover what those are for ourselves?
    • It comes from within you. It’s an authentic and genuine aspect of who you are. And it’s also a human survival method. You know, creativity has been used throughout generations as methods for us to continue to grow and evolve as human beings. 
    • I think for us to really hone a creative skill and to be able to utilize it in a more meaningful sense is by acknowledging where our curiosities direct us. By following what interests us and what we want to know more about – that will help us to further develop our creativity in regards to problem solving.
  • When we’re talking about recognizing and empowering these strengths, what are some of your tips for going about that process?
    • My first tip would be to just sit down and think about something that’s creative and whatever comes to your mind first about being creative, go and do it. If you’re acting in something that your mind already associates with being creative, you will be showing your mind how creative you actually are. You will begin to recognize the fact that you can be creative. And the more that you practice, just doing the things that your mind already associates as being creative,  you’re going to be able to continue to fuel and empower your creativity skills. 
  • You talk a lot about defining happiness and health within life and business. What is that definition for you?
    • It actually comes back to what I was mentioning earlier a little bit,  like how life is a journey. There’s good and bad with all of it. When we accept the fact that like, hey, there are good parts and bad parts, it allows us to be more adaptable and flexible and to better navigate those rough waters.
    • Remembering to try to be in alignment with your creativity will help you to release that attachment that you have to whatever is happening around you. And the more you can distance yourself from it, by being creative and releasing, and just doing things that help fulfill your soul, like who you are as a person, it can definitely just lead to more happiness. So I would say that happiness in life is finding that balance to enjoy the journey.
    • There are so many health benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally to creativity. The list just goes on and on and on.
  • What difference have you seen in yourself and clients and people you work with too – what difference this can make as you’re running your business?
    • I truly, and wholeheartedly believe that creativity is a transformational experience. It can definitely lead to higher confidence, higher self-esteem, self worth, self value. It can lead to more motivation and inspiration and also your willingness to try new things. 
    • You know, like a pandemic comes, everybody has to change their lives. And the ones that did the best and succeeded the most through that whole experience were the ones who were able to be flexible and to take the failures and to pivot and change with what was needed for society to continue to live and grow. I think that not only is it important as entrepreneurs that it’s important in everyday life as well. 
  • What are some last tips you can leave us with when it comes to recognizing and empowering our creative strengths as a business owner?
    • I think for us to put ourselves in a box that is not creative, that is a disservice to us as people and as entrepreneurs, as mothers, as sisters, as friends, as whoever we are. I think that by allowing yourself to say, hey, this is what I think creativity is and this is how I can use it. And this is how it can help me and how it can benefit others. And building yourself an open box for new possibilities as well. It’s a great way to add creativity to your mindset, to your lifestyle, and to your business. 
  • Can you tell us where you hang out on the internet, where we can find you, and where we can find your book?
    • You can find my book on Amazon right now. It’s in print and Kindle. 
    • Instagram – @rosegab and @thecreativitygene
    • Website –

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