Today’s episode of Hustle Like A Mother Podcast with Emily Cassel discusses the term “ease in business” and what that can actually mean for you. Can you have hustle AND an easeful business? We chat all about bringing those two things together, and how it can look to cultivate a business that is fulfilling and expansive. We also touch on tackling limiting beliefs and actionable takeaways for adding ease into your work. You can find Emily HERE.

Creating Ease in your Business with Emily Cassel

Emily Cassel is a Soulful Business + Leadership Coach for women entrepreneurs, podcast host, international retreat leader, champion of women, and believer that your big crazy dream is totally possible.

With a background in Positive Psychology, sustainability, and spirituality, Emily is devoted to helping you launch, grow, & scale the business your soul came here to create while making the impact + income that changes {y}our world.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • When I think about mothering, I think not so much about just the act of having a physical human child, but rather the way that we nurture our ideas to life, the way that we nurture ourselves.
    • I think for my clients who are mothers, it’s a little easier to kind of ground this idea of like, this is always evolving and growing and let’s not force, let’s not place expectations on a toddler or an infant that would be placed on a ten-year-old – that doesn’t make any sense. And yet, we do that in our businesses more than we would with a physical human child that we can see tangibly developing. You are becoming the mother that your child needs you to be in every moment. You have to evolve and adapt and meet that moment at every turn. I think that’s the case with business too because it’s always changing, it’s always evolving.
    • We know that in the last year with COVID, the way in which we position things or talk about things or create solutions for people has shifted drastically. The only thing that is consistent is change. And we have to lean into that and give in to that and surrender to that a little bit more than we are willing to by default.
    • I think as humans, we, and especially as women, want to have it all together and we want to make it perfect and we want to do it right. And I think in order to do that, we have to be willing to really trust and surrender our way through the trials and the invitations our business makes for us to become the leader and the entrepreneur that we’re here to be for that specific business.
  • Talk to us a little bit about what does ease in business mean? Tell me more about what that can feel like and what that means.
    • First, what I think you’re speaking to is this idea of sort of hustle culture and this very masculine energy narrative that we’re all kind of living and breathing within our society. When we’re trying to say, “Hey, let’s shift the paradigm and have it feel more useful because that model, that old paradigm is really based in scarcity and fear and competition and lack,” right? This new way of being, this new paradigm shift toward easeful business and regenerative leadership and a feminine way, is more about abundance and collaboration, and expansiveness. How can it be fun and pleasurable and more easy? How can we work smarter instead of harder?
    • When we’re spending all of our time and energy exhausting ourselves, there’s no space for feeling enlivened anymore. But giving is receiving when we have this regenerative model and this easeful business. Part of it is just having those tools and gaining those tools and then knowing how to get yourself back into alignment when you’re out of alignment.
  • Can we have hustle and have an easeful business? Is it possible to have both?
    • This requires a reframing or a redefinition of hustle. Anything worth creating has this intensity in it. I think it’s more similar to labor where there’s a time period of intensity that kind of pushes something out into the world, out into life. But that’s not sustainable to have that be your only mode.
    • This intensity is necessary. How are we using it? How are we directing it? Is it a constructive or destructive expression? And are we self-destructing or destructing everything and everyone in our path, or are we using that fire, that intensity, that hustle, to create something worthwhile for a limited period of time that’s actually sustainable?
  • How do you like to tackle limiting beliefs? What are some of those things that you do and help your clients with to make sure that these are not intruding on success, not intruding on the work that you’re doing, and you’re able to work on them so that they don’t mess up the business that you’re building?
    • If we actually go to the root of what’s going on, then it’s no longer a problem – you’ve gotten to the root, you’ve excavated the problem, you solved it. You’re free of it. Versus, I have to be vigilant about this thing, or else it’s going to come in and bite me or create a problem. Being hypervigilant of a problem takes so much more energy than actually solving the root of the problem.
    • We want to be careful about creating assumptions about the future based on what’s happened in the past that are limiting.
    • I think ultimately it’s like, are you prepared for the opportunity or calling or the thing that you want – are you actually prepared? If you’re really honest with yourself, usually the answer is no. And that’s why it hasn’t yet arrived because you’re not actually prepared.
  • What does expansion feel like in a business and how do you cultivate a business that allows that to happen?
    • What it feels like is open, spacious, and free, you know? It’s open and available and receptive. We were talking about giving and receiving and creating an enlivened flow versus an exhausted hustle. And I think this is what it really comes down to – most people are so unaware of how they’re limiting themselves in terms of what’s possible. We have blind spots, we get focused on one thing because that’s where our attention needs to be. We also need that bigger picture vision and someone holding that space for us of limitless possibility.
    • When I think about expansive, I think about something that has no growth ceiling that continues to evolve and change and expand and grow. There’s no box around it that it feels like you really get to continue to like push the growth edges out as you go.
    • I think often it’s difficult for people to identify on their own what those things are that are expiring or that are no longer serving, and to be able to let that go.
  • I would love for you to tell everybody what your offerings are right now, where they can find you on the internet and how they can seek your support.
    • Instagram –  @emilycasselofficial
    • What’s always available for people is to hop into the SBA, the Soulful Business Academy. That is our amazing community of women entrepreneurs. We have on-demand training modules, support in our Voxer thread, and two live group coaching calls a month. So if you are someone who’s like just dipping a toe into coaching or is looking for community, or you’re feeling a little bit alone in your business or like you don’t know what the next step is, but maybe I should take do something, the Soulful Business Academy is the most affordable way to work together. Listeners can use a special code to join the SBA at a discount, for just $97 a month.
    • My Business Alchemy Circle program, which is the first one that Taylor did with me is a six-month coaching program. It’s more of a mastermind-style experience and includes private coaching. If you’re looking for more individualized support, if you’re ready to make a bigger investment and accelerate your growth in your business and have more strategic help, that’s where I recommend people go.
    • If you’re really looking to break through an income ceiling or reach the next level of growth in your business, then of course my Mastermind, which happens only once a year, is available for women who really want to scale up in their business and expand what’s possible. That includes private coaching and also some in-person retreat experiences, which is super fun, and also includes some mastermind-style group calls as well.

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