Tiffany Paul kicks off the episode by telling us WHY it’s so important that we focus on redefining our success in order to begin living the dream you’ve always wanted. Together, we discuss the glamorization of entrepreneurship, what this actually means and how we can all start getting more REAL about the journey in an effort to truly enjoy it. Tiffany also touches on why the popular advice “start with why” is really holding us back. You can find Tiffany HERE.

The Glamorization of Entrepreneurship: The REAL Behind The Journey with Tiffany Paul

Author, STiffany Paul is a former unfulfilled corporate employee spending 10 years with Procter & Gamble before leaving her 6-figure salary and taking the leap to full time entrepreneur. She is the host of the Dream Life podcast, a platform that empowers listeners to chase down big dreams and redefine success for themselves. Tiffany currently resides in southern California with her husband of nine years and their two children, ages 3 and 4.



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  • What does “Hustle Like A Mother” mean to you?
    • For me, it means giving yourself permission to go after the dreams on your heart. I think that so many moms feel guilty or that it’s taking away from their kids in some way, shape or form, to go after their dreams. And I, I see it as the exact opposite. So to me, hustle like a mother means setting the example for your children and going after your dreams, being your true self, putting yourself first at times. As mothers, we often feel guilty about going after the same dreams that we’re encouraging children to go after. And so I would hate to set the example that like, you can go after your dreams yeah, until you have kids or until you get married and then you need to forget and lose those parts of who you are. And so hustle like a mother to me just means calling back the dreams and giving yourself permission to go for it. 
  • Why is it so important that we redefine success?
    • Well first and foremost, in order to make any change, cuz this is so hard, we have to reframe our mind. And this is the hardest for me because I actually enjoy working. It’s like my creative outlet. I love it. I could’ve spent my whole life working. You’re not gonna change based off me telling you this or your friend or a book. You have to get so sick of feeling bad or stressed out or burnt out or not enough or triggered by that or comparing yourself to this person that you’re just like I’m over being this way. Yeah. Then you can open up to new possibilities, new definitions and that may be some test and learning. And so for me immediately, I shifted from like external measures, like money and the job and sales. Cause my business went to like literally multiple six figures to zero overnight. That was a great healing opportunity. And so I was like, okay, well I’m just gonna spend 2020 trying to make a difference and starting my podcast and doing good. And I would realized pretty quickly that even that was causing discomfort in my body because I was relying on other people to tell me I was making an impact in their life, through my podcast or being a good mom or being a good wife. You’re still relying on external factor. So I’m like, this is not feeling good. Jerk sounds more noble. And also I wanted money. So it’s also not a full redefinition then. Right. It’s just, it’s just packaged in a little bit of a different box. So I had to shift again. And so I’m like, what do, what, what is something that I can lay my head on the pillow at? That will actually make me feel like a success. Yeah. So I was like, you know, if I can show up each and every day as myself, truly, that feels like a huge success. If I could do that each and every day, if I can just say I am authentically myself each and every day then I’ve succeeded.
  • You talk a lot about the glamorization of entrepreneurship. What does this mean? How can we get more REAL about the journey – and actually start to enjoy it?
    • I think it is so detrimental to mental health of entrepreneurs in general, but also moms to see everybody and to not feel like you are doing enough. And I think too, the first thought that actually came into mind is that in ways it’s almost unfair that women have to worry about this but men don’t have this problem. 
    • I’ve just always wished more people would be honest about what it takes to look put together and look like you have it all. And you see a lot of people even separated from the mom aspect, touting the entrepreneurship life as this, I get to work from wherever I want, whenever I want, I can travel. I can do all these things. I can, you know, it’s it is like you said, it’s very glamorous. Yeah. But it’s like the least glamorous thing that has ever existed. The only thing cool about it is you have your freedom, which is amazing, but it can look different. It’s like freedom looks different for everybody. And also there’s a lot of child free entrepreneurs out there and I think it’s hard for moms not to look at them and be like, Ugh, like it’s just different. It’s a different game.
  • Where can my listeners find you and what are some ways they can learn more about you and what you have to offer?
    • Website:
    • Podcast: Break The Matrix with Tiffany Paul
    • Instagram: @tiffancynicolepaul & @thesleptelif

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