Today’s episode of Hustle Like A Mother Podcast with Laura Hernadez talks all about why you need to create systems in your home in order to function efficiently in your business. We discuss Laura’s company, Mama Systems, and how it helps busy working moms gain control of their home life in order to reduce stress and anxiety in their work life. We go over the key to running your home smoothly, the biggest benefit to taking your home from Chaos to Calm and Laura’s top 3 tips for helping women manage their home. Find Laura HERE.

Creating Systems In Your Home To Help Your Business Thrive with Laura Hernandez

Laura is the owner of Mama Systems and the mother of ten children. In the last five years, she and her husband have added six children to their family- three biological and three adopted. Three of Laura’s children attend public school, she homeschools five, and she manages 20+ appointments a week for her three special needs children.

Laura is dedicated to helping women bring more peace to their homes. Designing customized systems that help a family run more smoothly and reduce a mother’s daily workload is her specialty



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • I feel like I have to hustle all of the time and be not only be on top of things but have to be one step ahead of everything.
    • We have to delegate out and that’s a big part of what I try to encourage moms to do and think of creative ways to do that because we cannot do it all. That’s my biggest message is that we can’t do it all – so let’s figure out systems for health and get stuff done. I really love to encourage moms to become the manager of their home.
  • Let’s talk about MamaSystems – why is this important for not just moms, but specifically mothers in business?
    • I started mama systems after we got our three adopted buddies through foster care (so they all came at once) and we had just had our fifth biological child – going from four to eight kids was a whole lot. I remember just trying to get through the day, and thinking if we just make it to bedtime and everybody’s in their cribs and they’re all safe, we’re doing great. And finally, I got to a point where it’s like, we can’t live this way. There are all these things I find important and we’re just totally missing them because I’m just thinking bedtime. So I had to sit down and create systems for our family that worked for us where we could really identify and prioritize the things that matter to us. Nobody had any systems for a family of eight with some public, some private, some homeschool – there was too much of our uniqueness.
    • MamaSystems helps you figure out plans for your life that work for you. It’s not like a one-size-fits-all system, but it’s customizable and it’s a process you go through to really figure out what matters to you.
    • My first step when working with mamas is always to sit down and ask them to realize what’s important to them. What could you get away with not doing (what drains them), and who can they delegate that stuff to?
    • MamaSystems is a loose structure that you can move around in. It helps to create this rhythm in your home where people know what to expect. They learn to trust you. It brings freedom for you. And it brings freedom and trust for our kids and creates this beautiful, authentic attachment with our family. And it’s just the systems just create this beautiful thing in our home.
  • What is the biggest benefit when you take your home from chaos to calm?
    • I feel like my environment translates a lot to how I’m feeling and how I respond to people.
    • If you can batch out your tasks or priorities and have a plan for your day and your life, your brain is so much calmer. Whenever I didn’t have select days for things, it just always is overrunning my mind.
    • Having the systems for the environment helps us take a deep breath and just be kind to our people and help them learn responsibility, help them learn the structure. It’s like what flows out of us and how our home is kept and how our home is in order or not in order.
  • What are your top three tips for helping women manage their home and in turn, how does that contribute to managing their business?
    • Evaluate what gives you life in your home and what drains you.
    • Prioritize the things that give you life and then eliminate, automate, and delegate the rest.
    • Once you do that, be flexible and have loose hands with your plan.

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