Today’s episode focuses on the platform Kajabi – what it is, how it helps entrepreneurs and how you can determine whether or not it’s right for you. Kajabi-expert Elizabeth Averyanova lets us in on how she uses Kajabi automation to streamline her business and how she helps others to do so, too! Find Elizabeth HERE.

How To Determine if Kajabi is Best For Your Business with Elizabeth Averyanova

Elizabeth Averyanova is a web designer, brand strategist, and founder of design & branding agency – Studio Classica. Elizabeth helps online coaches, and purpose-driven female entrepreneurs to scale their businesses with an impactful, beautiful & DFY design so that they can attract dream clients, elevate their online presence, and book out their offers while creating a lasting impact in the world. She specializes in impactful Kajabi websites, sales pages, and behind-the-scenes business systems set up that free up your time from daily tasks – without the design or tech overwhelm. As an American designer living in Europe, Elizabeth co-founded her design and architectural studio with her husband in 2012 and has served 500+ design clients over the 9+ years of being an online design entrepreneur.
Elizabeth also is a mom of 2, so she is all about strategic and effective working while maximizing each hour of work and still spend quality time with family!



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Show Notes:

  • This episode is gonna be really great for those of you who are looking to continue the process of automation, streamlining, and working with systems and processes that will actually help you do this all in one spot. Today we’re gonna talk mostly about Kajabi.
  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • My definition of “hustle like a mother” means like the time that I have to work now, which is like, okay, four hours today – (When I get to the office) I make the most of every single second, no procrastination, no time wasting. So that when I go home, I can be more present. 
  • Let’s jump into Kajabi. Tell us a little bit more about it and how you feel like it really can help you elevate and streamline the online business process.
    • Kajabi is a great tool for serving as a place for your website. So you can have your website, your homepage, about page, contract page. You can have your website there. You can also have your sales pages or sales funnels. If you’re building out courses or coaching programs or offering a paid thing, you should probably have a sales page. Kajabi makes it great to have that sales page. Then, you know, what happens when somebody’s ready to buy or work with you? Kajabi has a whole checkout process you can set up easily. You can send people to a nice thank you page or send them into the inside of your course. And it’s all streamlined. So you can have all these things happening on one platform in Kajabi.
  • How did you get started with this platform?
    • How I got started with Kajabi actually relates to just who I wanted to help. I loved helping female entrepreneurs and coaches and course creators. So one of the best tools was Kajabi.
  • Do you find that Kajabi is very user-friendly on the client side?
    • I think generally, yes, we get feedback from clients that it is. The goal of Kajabi is to make tech and design simple.
  • I know that Kajabi has a lot of automation and streamlining processes that can help the online business owner. What are some of those processes and kind of, how do they compare to other similar platforms? 
    • Kajabi has the ability to build an email list there and you can build out your whole email automation and your email sequences there. When you’re onboarding new clients, you can really automate some things there when you’re taking on those new clients.
  • Are there client portals within Kajabi?
    • You can create a client portal. If you’re looking for a course platform, you know, Kajabi comes up, but we’ve created really, really amazing, beautiful client portals for people who are doing one-to-one coaching. It is a home for like all those resources that they wanna share with clients.
  • Can you do contracts in Kajabi?
    • That is the only thing you can’t do. In our business, we currently still use both tools, Kajabi and Dubsado. My dream would be an all-in-one or streamline. But the contract thing is not there. 
  • I know you’ve talked a little bit about captivating coaching programs and memorable client experiences. So can you share a little bit about Kajabi? What would make a memorable client experience on that platform?
    • Building up that client experience involves thinking about every single touchpoint that a client has with you. And you know, from the first moment they see you on Instagram or wherever, and then the link that they click, where does it take people? What does it look like? And then what’s the next step? So thinking about every step from somebody totally new to you – to, they’ve signed up, they’ve paid and they’re a client now. 
    • We love, you know, strategizing through that process and then working through the visual design of it all and making it all really beautiful and seamlessly working together. Kajabi is just really great for that.
    • To me, making the client experience really, really good is thinking two steps or three steps ahead of your client and answering the questions before they have them.
  • If somebody was considering switching to Kajabi or making the switch or starting it, you know, fresh, what are the top three things you would want them to consider first?
    • The number one thing to think about are your goals. What are you planning to launch or create in the next 3, 6 or 12 months? And, even beyond that, so really thinking about the long game of what are your goals in your business, (could) Kajabi be the right tool to help support those goals? Because the biggest mistake we see with that is people are thinking too short-term. And part of that is looking for the cheapest solution or looking for the cheapest tools. But as you grow or as you launch that course, you’re gonna suddenly find yourself not with the right tools or not with the right setup.
    • Another thing is how tech savvy you are or how design savvy you are. Generally, Kajabi is tech friendly for a lot of people. If you are more tech savvy and you need more advanced things, or you want some more specific nuanced things, then something like WordPress might be better where you have all these plugins and they can do specific things, but you have to be really tech advanced with that.
  • I thought I saw that you had something for our listeners today – what do you have for us?
    • I have a free, special gift for you. It’s a Kajabi Checklist. If you are at the beginning (and wondering) Is Kajabi the right platform, we have a great checklist for getting started and getting up and running with Kajabi. It’s at our website and the link is:
  • Where can we find you on the internet and how can my listeners get in touch with you, if your services are something that they are looking for?

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