In this episode, Ryann Dowdy shares with us what “sales conversations” are and how they can make a huge difference in landing new clients – AND how it’s different from traditional sales techniques. We also discover the common mistakes that women make when it comes to these conversations. Ryann additionally shares her top sales strategies for women who are ready to grow their businesses. You can find Ryann HERE!

A Sales vs Marketing Sales Mindset with Ryann Dowdy

Ryann helps high-achieving women leave their 9-5 jobs and build a 6-figure business by teaching them how to master sales conversations and their mindset. Besides being passionate about helping women take back control of their lives and their finances by building a profitable business, Ryann has helped hundreds of women get their first clients, leave their day jobs, reclaiming their careers, lives, and dreams. By teaching tried and true sales strategies that aren’t dependent on social media or trendy tactics, Ryann focuses on the art of building relationships and human-to-human connection.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • Hustle like a mother are moms who have mastered the art of multitasking in a graceful way. Hustle like a mother is being the backbone of our family. They are the ones who get it all done with as much grace as humanly possible.
  • What is your story? Tell me more about your business and the journey you took to get to where you are today!
    • I spent 15 years in the corporate world in sales. It all changed when  I went back to work after my son was born. I was a director of sales and it was my dream job. Leaving wasn’t due to never staying home with my son, that was never it for me, it was just more freedom.
    •  I kept meeting women who were in very similar situations as myself. They were all starting businesses, but their businesses were struggling. I found this major gap in the market of people and teaching sales. I saw a massive opportunity to serve and teach women how to sell in a way that felt good to them. Now I teach them how to leverage the skill sets that we have as women to be connectors and relationship builders.
  • What are “sales conversations” and how is this different from traditional sales techniques?
    • Sales conversations are between two people who agreed to have a conversation about what it looks like to work together and solve their problem. Everybody involved in the conversation is aware that solving their problem is the objective.
    • Sales conversations are different from traditional sales techniques because they are a natural way of having conversations and learning more about people. The conversation starts as simple as going out into the world to network and talk about what you do and how you help people. Really focusing on connecting and building relationships.
  • What are some common “mistakes” that women make when it comes to sales conversations?
    • 2 common “mistakes” are…
      • We have a tendency to talk too much and think we have to be in control of the conversation. 
      • We start treating the conversation like an interview.
  • What are some of your top sales strategies for women who are ready to grow their business?
    • 1- First pick your platform and own it- decide where you want to be, decide where you want to be known, decide where you want to build a reputation. Then keep showing up in that place consistently and get involved in conversations.
    • 2- Sometimes we think we’re talking about what we do too much, but oftentimes we’re not talking about it enough. Make sure that people know who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to talk about it in a way that feels good to you. It’s not about being super salesy all of the time, it’s about building relationships. It’s important to just remember that people are people and it’s simply searching and looking for that connection.
    • 3- Identify what are the tasks that are busywork tasks and what are your income-generating tasks.  Most of your time should be spent on those income-generating tasks. We can’t push our business forward if we’re not making money. The more money we make, the more people we can help. 
  • Where can my listeners find you and what are some ways they can learn more about you and what you have to offer?
    • My Instagram is @RyannDowdyOfficial – we share a ton of great sales tips and resources.
    • I also have a podcast with my business partner and a second business called, Daily Sales On Demand, that has sales resources and ideas around signing clients.

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