IT’S SEASON FOUR, EVERYONE! This year we are doing quarterly themes – and I’m so excited to bring you the theme for the second quarter: Business Strategy. I feel like as we go into the second part of 2023, it’s so important to be able to take a look at what you have done so far, and then look to the future as we prep for the rest of the year. Business Strategy is going to encompass social media strategy, hiring practices, internal business structure and more.

Today’s episode is with Nicole Porter – and we’re discussing some easy social media strategies to input to start increasing your business. She shares what she believes are the biggest social media “hurdles” biz owners jump through as they’re creating content, her top 3 tips to reducing overwhelm, and how we can overcome the biggest algorithm misconceptions. You can find Nicole HERE.

Easy Social Media Strategies to Increase Business with Nicole Porter

Nicole Porter is a chocolatier turned digital marketer, and mom of 3 boys. She helps small businesses navigate the large and overwhelming world of social media by focusing on what is really important. Nicole helps small businesses create awareness for their brands, connection, and real conversation with their customers and most importantly, she helps drive traffic to websites and brick and mortar locations which ultimately equals more sales. After getting a degree in marketing from Assumption College, Nicole spent 10 years owning and marketing her own small chocolate and ice cream shops on Cape Cod. Once she had her sons, Nicole decided to switch direction, get back to her roots and focus on marketing. Having been a small business owner for so many years she’s got a passion for helping smaller businesses get their products, services, and their message, out into the world.



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Show Notes

  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • “Hustle like a mother to me really means working on your own terms.”
    • “It’s really about doing what works for you.”
    • “You do things a little bit differently when you’re a working mom.”
    • “It evolves. It’s not always just one thing.”
    • “You do what you have to do.”
  • Tell us how you got started and how you shifted to what you’re doing now.
    • When I moved my chocolate-making to my home kitchen, I really started leaning heavily on Facebook and Instagram and email marketing.
    • A mortgage broker that I knew said, you know, I always see you on Facebook, can you come to my office and teach me how to do Facebook for my business?
    • Eventually I decided to take a deep dive into social and email marketing and I kind of did some continued education and practiced on a few friends’ businesses and then I launched my business in 2017.
  • Let’s dive into social media strategy and other common hurdles business owners face. How do you pick the right platform? How do you decide as a business owner where you’re gonna focus your energy?
    • I think the first thing you really look at is who you wanna be talking to, right? They’re usually on just a couple of platforms. So the first thing you look at is who you are talking to. Are you business to business? You probably wanna head over to LinkedIn. Are we targeting baby boomers, then we’re probably gonna be on Facebook. Are you selling a product? Then you probably wanna be on Instagram. Tiktok is one of the biggest platforms, but TikTok isn’t for everybody.
    • It’s really about who we are trying to reach and what kind of messaging we are putting out. Where are those people? That’s the first place we start.
    • After that we focus on our content.
      • What do they need to know? How can we serve them?
      • Looking at value-based content…entertain them, educate them, give them tips.
      • Big focus on authenticity…people want to see behind the scenes.
      • Make them feel like they’re part of the club…feel connected with you.
      • People buy from people…you are your unique selling factor.
      • Differentiate ourselves…bring personality and authenticity into it.
  • What does algorithm mean and how can we utilize the algorithm to kind of be better or use it to our advantage?
    • Algorithms in general, basically what they’re doing is they’re telling us the rules. They’re trying to help us connect with each other. They’re trying to help us see content that they think we’re interested in.
    • If you want to utilize the algorithms to their greatest potential, you really need to talk to other people on these platforms. That is the number one thing you can do to beat the algorithm, so to speak. A lot of people put out their content and then that’s it. You could help that go a lot further if you spend a little bit of time talking to people.
    • You’re doing this strategically and you’re talking to other, maybe complimentary, businesses. You and I might have similar audiences, so if you comment on my post and I comment on your post, we’re gonna capitalize off of each other’s audiences. It’s gonna benefit both of us. It’s gonna help your content go further and it’s going to do what the algorithm wants you to do, which is talk to each other.
    • The number one thing most people don’t do is interact with content as well. You need to respond to people that are talking to you. Actually put yourself out there a little bit. People are putting out content because they want you to comment on it. You kinda have to look at it from both angles.
  • Do you have any last tips for our listeners on reducing that overwhelm when it comes to social media?
    • Schedule it in, plan ahead and do what’s manageable for you and talk to other people on the platforms. Go out and talk to people that have a similar audience and comment on their posts and comment on other people’s comments on the posts. You know, have a conversation with people and you’ll go a lot further using social media if you can do that.
  • Where can we find you on the internet? How can we hang out with you on your platforms?

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