Today’s episode of Hustle Like A Mother dives into what it means to have clarity and confidence in your business, how you can use self love as a source of power and the action steps you can take to increase your the confidence you feel stepping into the role of CEO in your business. I chat with Ana Merced about her empowerment coaching business and her past, how her corporate job took her confidence away from her and how she now goes above and beyond supporting her clients with the very same transition. You can find her HERE.

Understanding Empowered Clarity + Confidence with Ana Merced

Ana has invested 18 years of her life as a sales and marketing expert, trying to fit in and feel accepted. She realized how unhappy and bitter that made her feel, so she decided to work on herself inside out; so now as an Empowered Clarity and Confidence Coach she supports professional women using self love as a source of power so they can live their lives in their own terms. She is all about being authentic, and she goes above and beyond supporting her clients to connect to the best version of themselves. She strives to create value by connecting people to the their real unique and genuine self.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • All of the growth that I once did externally, I now do internally. It’s that working on myself and expanding myself and having that willful commitment to myself – to my own personal development and growth.
    • Every time I hop into a client call or I’m on a one-on-one meeting or even a group session or whatever it might be, I feel that I can only take my clients as deep as I’ve been already with myself. It’s like going to every little corner of myself and my inner work to be able to get that clarity that I need for myself and then supporting my clients in that process as well.
  • Tell me more about what it means to be an Empowered Clarity and Confidence coach. What are you helping women do? How did you stumble into this? How did you know this was right for you?
    • When you have internal clarity, you know who you are. That’s when you start knowing yourself better and accepting yourself.
    • I guess the first step into any self-development or internal hustle would be clarity. I teach women how to hustle with their own self internally, so then they can manifest externally what they want in an easier and flowing way.
  • What does using self-love as a source of power do for women in business and how can you use that self-love as a source of power?
    • The first thing you have to do is to get clarity – you have to become aware and conscious about what you currently have and what you want to have. Which of these values are you going to keep, which ones do you have to toss away? Which ones do you have to redefine? That’s part of self-love – that’s part of reconstructing and redesigning your life.
    • Self-acceptance comes in with the courage and the compassion and the connection that you have to your own self. This is the deeper definition of what empowered by self-love means. How do you use your self-awareness and the creation of yourself deliberately and consciously? To use self-love as a source of power, you’re basically creating yourself again, but this time you’re doing it deliberately and consciously, really recognizing the stuff that you did was necessary. This is when self-acceptance and compassion come in.
  • What action steps do you have for women looking to right now increase their confidence and clarity around their business?
    • I would encourage women to look into my program, Empowered by Self-Love, if you feel that internally, you’re not where you need to be.
    • Empowered by Self-Love is for women who feel there’s something missing, that their soul is calling them for something better and bigger, or they’ve been called to something else than what they’re already doing.
    • One of the first things that I started doing was evaluating myself – and this is one of the first steps in Empowered by Self-Love.
    • Take time for yourself, to fully understand where you’re coming from. What are your values?
    • Clarity is important because you start shifting your perception and opening new windows and therefore creating a new reality.
  • So where can we find that? Where on the internet, can we get access to that?

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