It’s monthly obsessions time!!!! I can never believe it’s the end of the month until it’s here – and yet, here we are. I’m almost halfway done with my third pregnancy (insane), we redd our guest bathroom, and it’s almost summer which means most of my favorites are getting ready for the warmer days ahead. Let’s jump right into this!

April 2023 Monthly Obsessions

Carter’s Baby Leaf Print Neutral Boy Collection

Ok, I just did a quick summer haul for my 16 month old, Noah, because he and Jack are opposite seasons and I had no spring/summer clothes from Jack to pass down to him. Carter’s is running a HUUUUGE sale (25%-50% of everything) so I ran to the outlet by my house and snagged the cutest stuff. This adorable neutral summer boy print is EVERYTHING and I bought everything they had in it available. 馃槈

SOL by Jergens Self Tanning Serum

Ok, this is my newest obsession. I was going to try these super expensive tanology drops a few weeks ago and then I saw that Jergens had a serum out for half the cost and wanted to try that first. If worse came to worse, I’d only be out like $20 instead of $50. Anyways, I’m obsessed with it. It gives you the most natural glow, I just mix it into my favorite body butter and use it before bed. I’ve been glowing for weeks now. 10/10.

Amazon Poshdivah Maternity Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is taking over my life because it’s SO STINKING CUTE. I had pinned a million pregnancy jumpsuits and bike shorts in preparation for summer and when my favorite Amazon maternity brand came out with a bike short jumpsuit….purchased IMMEDIATELY. It’s so soft, so comfortable and looks adorable thrown on with a pair of sneakers and oversized button down shirt.

Kibou Diaper Belt Bag

I know for a fact my Kibou bag has made my monthly obsessions list every time one of my kids kids over a year old. BUT MAN. TRUST ME ON THIS. My Kibou bag is the BEST for one the go moms who don’t want to lug around a giant diaper bag. With Jack being potty trained and Noah not needing as much when we go out, I almost never bring my big bag places anymore. I can fit my keys, cards, lipgloss, phone, diaper, wipes, pouch, granola bar, and the changing pad and it still doesn’t look any bigger than a normal diaper bag.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla

This stuff is SO good. I didn’t want to love it because it’s pricier than I usually spend on a lipgloss but…..I haven’t stopped using it since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s so pretty, so natural and so hydrating. I love the brand Summer Fridays and am not surprised this made it as a win on my list!

MBT 1996 Sneakers

I got these sneakers a few weeks ago and am LOVING how comfy they are (especially mid-pregnancy). I have a condition called SPD while pregnant and it causes a TON of pain in my hips while I walk, but I have found a good way to mitigate that is with really great shoes designed for comfort. My MBT sneakers are great – I wore them during our Washington D.C. trip, where we walked over 10 miles – and I think it really helps with my hip pain!

Pink Blush Sequin ERAS Dress

Ok – so I’m going to the ERAS tour next weekend (cue the excited screams) and am dressing for The Lover Era. I had the hardest time finding a dress that was sequins and would also incorporate the bump, so I had to look at maternity stores for something that would work. Pink Blush had ALMOST exactly what I wanted. This was the right color and the right fit, but it was a bit long for what I was going for, so I took it to an alterations place and they cut the dress to right above my knees. It ended up being PERFECT!

Our Guest Bathroom Transformation

We decided to transform our guest bathroom a couple weeks ago because it had been a project I have wanted to do since we bought our house five years ago. We knew it wouldn’t take too much to facelift the space, it just kept getting pushed back on our to-do list. We finally got our butts into gear, and did some much needing painting, decorating and fixture updated. It looks SO much better.

The Deck Podcast

I have been binging this podcast every single day it feels like while I catch up on a couple seasons of episodes and I’m INTO IT. They’re cold cases that haven’t been solved, and the stories are so interesting. The goal of the podcast is to make sure that these stories don’t get forgotten about while the police officers work them even with no viable leads and clues. I love Ashley Flowers (the host, and also the host of Crime Junkies) and she does a great job!

ERAS Oversized T-shirt

I am driving to Nashville for the tour next weekend, so obviously I needed to be dressed appropriately for the 5 hour drive down. I snagged this cute concert tee because I wasn’t in LOVE with any of the concert merchandise I was seeing from people who have gone to the concert already. I’m so excited to wear this for the drive and to get ready for the show!

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