So I’m flying out to Philly this weekend to attend my bestie’s baby shower for her second baby! I am SO excited to gift her some of the things that made my life so much easier going from 1-2. And while I absolutely LOVED these for going from 1-2 (or 2-3) – these gifts will be loved and used by ALL expecting moms, no matter how many kiddos they’ve got. Let’s jump right in!

The BEST Baby Shower Gift Round Up

So, first things first: check the registry. Parents put together registries for a reason. If they have one, start there. BUT if you’ve already grabbed something off the registry and just want something extra to add to your gift or want to throw something in you KNOW they’ll love – this list is for you!!


These muslin swaddles are THE. BEST. Take it from a veteran mom – buy these! I never used them for actually swaddling (lol) but here’s what I DID use them for: quick, light blankets in the car or stroller, nursing covers (just tie two corners and slip around your neck), cover up for baby at the pediatrician’s office, burp cloth, blanket to lay down for diaper changes on the go. I STILL keep one in my diaper bag and my kids are almost 4 and 1.5 (with a baby on the way).

Baby Book Memories

These are so sweet. I love to support small so this is a great, personalized was to do that. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming choosing a baby book so take the frustration out of it for mom!

Night Light/Sound Machine

Fun fact: both of my children still use their Hatch sound machines RELIGIOUSLY every single night. We firmly attribute their ability to sleep through anything to the sound machine. They are SO great traveling, and they can be controlled via bluetooth on your phone. This is always one of my BIGGEST recommendations to new moms!!! We used our from day 1 with both our kids.

Bathtime Essential Bundle

This is a great add on to whatever is on their registry – and goes great with the baby bath linked below! Get both and then add some hooded towels or bath toys to make a complete bath time baby gift.

Transition Sippy Cup

These cups are GREAT started at about 6 months. I used for both kids and really loved it. Pick the color you want, and add to another bigger gift to make the perfect present.

Baby Carrier

Gahhhhhh I’m splurging on a baby carrier for baby number three because I didn’t with my other two and know I’ll be baby wearing baby girl so much more than I wore the boys. This one is GORGEOUS and has RAVE reviews. It’s going on my personal list of things to buy before baby girl is born.

Nursing Pillow Slipcover

Odds are, if they already have kids, they probably have a nursing pillow already – SO now is the time to get them a new cover to refresh the milk stained one from their last baby. 馃槈 If they’re a brand new mom, get a cute cover AND the pillow. Nursing pillows were life savers when nursing both my babies as newborns.

Tummy Time Blanket

Muslin blankets are THE BEST because they just get softer and softer the more you wash them. I have a beautiful one from Burts bees that I got for Noah and it has just washed SO beautifully over the last 18 months. I 10/10 recommend as a tummy time blanket or snuggle quilt.

Baby Bouncer

This is a another “splurge” I’m getting for myself this time around! I need ways to keep baby girl busy while I help her brothers and I just don’t LOVE the bouncer or swing we currently have. All my girlfriend’s have RAVED about this bouncer so I’m going to try it out for this baby! It would make SUCH a beautiful gift!

Baby Bathtub

Grab that bath time essentials from above, pair with hooded towels and some bath toys, and you have the PERFECT little bath time baby gift.

Touchless Thermometer

This is something I cannot recommend enough. Babies are wiggly and they do not get less wiggly as they get bigger. Taking their temperature can feel impossible so this is the BEST way to get an accurate temp. I love our touchless thermometer and would get over and over again for my pregnant friends. It’s something you don’t know you need until you do!

Slumberpod Portable Napper

Alright, if your friend travels a lot and plans on traveling with their new little one, this is a MUST. It’s definitely on the pricier side for a baby shower gift but it is something they will be able to use for YEARS and they’ll be so grateful. This pod blocks out all light, fits a pack n play, and if you put your sound machine under the crib, you can zip them up inside and then still use your room while they sleep. It’s AWESOME.

Velcro Swaddles

Ok, these are lifesavers with a newborn. I simply CANNOT swaddle like the hospital nurses can so swaddling with a blanket just doesn’t work for me. These allow you to tightly swaddle your newborn so they sleep and feel comfortable without pulling their arms out.


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