In this episode, Ann and I discuss the unique challenges of raising children while being a full-time working parent – the overwhelm, mom guilt and frustrations that often accompany this. We also chat about co-parenting with your spouse/partner effectively so that BOTH of you get to do your work and raise your children in a way that is fair and even (and whether or not that is even a possibility). Ann shares her best tools and resources to bring balance to your work and home environment. Find Ann HERE.

Raising Kids While Working Full Time: How To Find Balance with Ann Kaplan

Ann Kaplan is a parent coach supporting parents in getting the behavior, attitude and organization in their families back on track. Her holistic approach includes emotional support and home management skills as well as teaching parents effective discipline that empowers children while improving behavior. She also has 4 children of her own, which means she knows exactly what her clients are going through, and gets to implement her own teachings every day!



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  • What does “Hustle Like A Mother” mean to you?
    • When I started doing parent coaching, I taught a session called “turn your hustle into family harmony”. As a mom of four kids, as well as a parent coach, my hustle probably doesn’t look like what most people’s hustle looks like. I am a firm believer in zero multitasking, really getting organized, and truly being a leader and a manager in my family versus the grunt worker running around like a chicken with their head cut off. 
    • The concept of hustle in this way of determination and singular focus on the prize and aligned with your own goals and ambition. Which doesn’t feel like you’re running in a million different directions at once.
  • What is your story? / Tell me more about your experience raising kids while working full time.
    • I have four kids, my oldest kiddo is a junior in high school and my youngest is in second grade. My business grew as my kids grew. I used to only work with pregnant parents and the first stage of motherhood and parenthood. My practice organically grew along with my children and my client’s children, I was fielding many more questions that were about older kids.
    • The lessons were the parallel that I was teaching about childbirth and about embracing your own power and surrender and honoring yourself. All of those things translated into parenting older children.
  • What is it about working full-time and raising kids at the same time that is so overwhelming for so many moms?
    • Most of the time we tell ourselves stories about what it is to be a good mother or what it is to be a successful person with a career. We don’t spend enough time checking in with ourselves and understanding exactly what we believe, what our values are, and what our belief system is.
    • There needs to be separation in leadership and management roles. Accepting it’s okay for me to step back in certain areas and delegate and have a different division of labor.  Realizing I can actually live a life that feels fulfilling and aligned to me and is actually truly impactful and valuable to my kids.
  • How can you co-parent effectively so that both of you get to do your work AND raise your children in a way that is even and fair? Is it possible?
    • As long as we believe that our partner is their limiting factor, we’re probably not going to be able to find consensus.  We are going to feel very limited and trapped because when we feel limited by our partner then my happiness is contingent on somebody else changing, which is outside my control.
    • Realize that your partner does not have to be on the same page as you. It’s kind of strange how getting to a place where you are totally fine with your partner, not being on the same page as you is more likely to get you on the same page. I completely abandoned the idea of having to get you guys to be on the same page or agree.
  • What are your best tools and resources to bring balance to working full-time and raising your kids?
    •  The way that I work with all my clients is to look at things holistically.  I help my clients in three areas simultaneously- How to respond to kids, management, and mindset.
    • Parenting rules are just structure and how you enforce your rules is actually parenting. Your perspective on rules is going to affect what roles you create. It’s also going to affect how you feel when your kids break your rules and it’s going to affect how you actually enforce your rules or don’t and force them.
  • Where can my listeners find you and what are some ways they can learn more about you and what you have to offer?

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