This episode interviews Janey Reilly – CEO of WeeSleep where she teachings parents how to calm fussy babies take control of their sleep. In addition to kicking butt as a sleep specialist, she also trains moms how to make this their career, as well! Learn about why this is such a neat career path and how you can make it work for you. Check Janey out HERE.

Creating Your Own Work-At-Home Freedom with the Janey Reilly

Janey Reilly, CEO and Founder of WeeSleepTM, is a successful female entrepreneur and a single mother who’s on a mission to empower women to take charge of their lives. She is an expert infant & toddler sleep consultant who works with families around the globe and coaches a team of WeeSleepTM certified consultants to do the same.

WeeSleepTM was launched following Janey’s own struggle with her son’s sleep issues and after hearing about so many families having similar difficulties. WeeSleepTM initially began as a one-woman venture in 2011, but it has now grown into a large team of women working passionately to give families the gift of sleep, worldwide.



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