IT’S SEASON FOUR, EVERYONE! This year we are doing quarterly themes – and I’m so excited to bring you the theme for the third quarter: Confidence & Identity. I feel like as we go into the third part of 2023, it’s so important to be able to enhance your business with the confidence to move forward in business, really own your identity and seamlessly blend who you are with where you are going. Confidence & Identity is going to encompass confidence in business, taking charge of your earning potential, overcoming doubt and imposter syndrome, and more.

Today’s episode is with Barbora Samieian, the co-founder and founder of multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses. She is no stranger to creating success, and today we are going to be talking about how personal relationships can affect your professional ones, how you can define each, and how important boundaries and roles within a company can be. You can find Barbora here.

How Personal Relationships Affect Professional Ones with Barbora Samieian

Barbora Samieian is the Co-founder and Director, Brand & Community at Sundays, a Vancouver-based DTC home brand known for its timeless, thoughtfully-designed curated capsule collections of furniture. Founded in 2019 in Vancouver, BC by Barbara along with a team of long-time friends and family including her husband Moe Samieian Jr, Sara Samieian, and Noah Morse, Sundays launched with the intention of transforming the ”Easy Like Sunday Morning” state of mind into a home that can be easily maintained through curated, streamlined, unique and well-priced furniture.

Prior to starting her entrepreneurial journey, Barbora worked at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, following completion of her graduate degree in International Development from the University of Cambridge. She developed a passion for community involvement from a young age, after she moved to Vancouver from Slovakia at the age of twelve, and her love for helping people has played an integral role in her entrepreneurial success. Most recently, Barbora co-founded the salad restaurant franchise Field & Social, and cycling studio Ride Cycle Club which have both grown to multi-locations. With Sundays, she continues to create community through brand and artist partnerships, unparalleled customer service, and thoughtful design.



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