SO many people think tinted moisturizers are strictly for summer – when bare skin, natural texture and light coverage reign supreme – but I believe they are perfect for all year round with a little tweaking. Gone still are the full coverage days of 2016, and the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is still taking over the internet. Here are my favorite products to achieve the natural skin look of your dreams. I’ve organized them by least coverage to most coverage (but they all fall under the term “light-medium coverage”).


I pair all of these with a medium coverage concealer to cover my dark circles / acne. I dot the concealer onto my acne, let sit for 30-45 seconds and then dab out. I think spot concealing problem areas rather than using full coverage on your whole face is the key to coverage without looking cakey. You can see this in action HERE.

Tula Skincare Blurring + Tinted Primer.5/5 COVERAGE

I love this as a base to a fuller coverage look – OR as a light tint all on it’s own! It has very little coverage but the perfect amount of blurring. I typically use this underneath my skin tint of choice.

Replenix Oil-Free Tinted Sunscreen.5/5 COVERAGE

This is another one I use underneath my tinted moisturizer for the day! But I also love it on it’s own if I’m having a really good skin day / don’t have a lot of acne happening. This has the most sunscreen out of this full list!

DRMTLGY Tinted Moisturizer1/5 COVERAGE

This has been my go-to #1 tinted moisturizer for the last 8 months. I LOVE IT. My mom actually turned me onto it first and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I love how it sits on my skin all day, with just the right amount of light coverage. Concealer melts really well into it, and it fades beautifully during the day (aka: no sticking into your fine lines / around your nose or mouth).

QMS Medcosmetics Tinted Moisturizer1/5 COVERAGE

This is SO similar to the DRMTLGY one – but it’s about 3x the price. The biggest difference is the QMS one has more skincare within the product and I really love that. It’s absolutely a splurgy product – and you don’t NEED it. But it honestly is so beautiful and dewy.

Wet N Wild Tinted Hydrator 2/5 COVERAGE

This is SUCH a great drugstore product. It is less than $6 and has a really nice light coverage. It definitely covers more than the above products, but I’d still consider it sheer/light. It IS buildable however – I think with two layers you can achieve a light/med coverage. The only downside to this one is I don’t feel it wears as well as others in the list – but you get what you pay for here!

Colourpop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer2/5 COVERAGE

This one is just one of my favorite hidden gems. I don’t see nearly enough people talking about this one online. It’s SO GOOD. This is one I gravitate towards in the fall/winter when I need a tiny bit more coverage without the heaviness of a foundation. It sits beautiful and has an incredible range of shades.

Fenty Beauty Tinted Moisturizer2/5 COVERAGE

This is another one with awesome shade range and an AWESOME finish. It’s a bit more expensive than the colourpop one, but it looks fabulous on the skin. I really enjoy how this one looks under my eyes, especially.

Tarte Maracujá Tinted Hydrator2.5/5 COVERAGE

This one has even more of a tint than the Colourpop and Fenty picks – but not TOO much more. It’s really beautiful on the skin and it was viral a couple years ago. The shade range could be better but overall, it’s a great choice.

Ilia Skin Tint 3/5 COVERAGE

This is my second favorite option on here. I absolutely LOVE the light / medium coverage, the natural / satin skin finish and the wear power. This will last you all day without flaking or fading. I have this in multiple colors and wear it all year long. I tend to start with my DRMTLGY tint, use this under my eyes and over top any redness, and then finish with some spot concealing. It’s the perfect trifecta!

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