Happy Thursday, friends! I’ve been SO excited to film this video and write this review for I don’t even KNOW how long. I love Colourpop and I love that the brand is accessable and affordable for so many people. I was able to purchase this entire full-face look (besides mascara + lashes) for less than $70*. That is SUCH a a steal in my opinion. Less than $100 for a full face of makeup? That’s a great way to start your collection or add some much needed pieces to it without breaking the bank. I haven’t tried any of these products prior to filming this video (except the eyeshadow – I have a few eyeshadow palettes of theirs but not this one in particular), so I was really excited about testing them out and finding out whether or not they are really a great deal for the price. Let’s dive into this. 

*note: I did use the 20% off coupon for new email subscribers. You can do the same OR the total would have been around $86 for a full face.

Full face Of COLOURPOP Review + Tutorial



Foundation + Concealer:

I really liked the concealer. I feel like the colors weren’t the best match to go together (even though they were sold together) simply because the concealer is very pink/cool toned while the foundation is very yellow/warm toned. Both are totally fine on their own – but I might go with a different combo next time. 

As far as the actual wear: the foundation was definitely medium coverage. I am used to a far more full-coverage foundation when it comes to stick formulas (re: the Tarte Amazonian Clay Stick Foundation is a formula I LOVE). I was surprised at how medium coverage it was. Now – the website DOES say medium buildable coverage, and I only put one layer on my skin so there is a possibility that if I added more to my face that it would be fuller coverage but you run the risk of looking cakey, too. The finish was SO nice – a really beautiful satin matte finish that was super skin-like. I didn’t notice any settling into the lines around my eyes or mouth. It dried down just enough that I didn’t need to set it with a powder.

The concealer was REALLY nice. It was super full coverage, and a little goes a LONG way. It’s very light (a little lighter than I anticipated) but I use it for brightening not for acne concealing so that’s ok for me. If you are wanting it for redness and acne coverage, I’d stick to something closer to your skin tone vs 2-3 shades lighter. The wear is great, and I think it is super similar in formula to the Tarte Shape Tape. I would say it’s definitely a dupe (and a good one at that for only $6).

Full face Of COLOURPOP Review + Tutorial

Blush, Bronzer + Highlight:

I LOVED these face products. They did such a great job with the formulas, and the packaging. 

The blush was in the shade “Why Hello There” and it was the PERFECT peach/pink shade. It was illuminating without having any glitter. It feel like the staying power was pretty good – I got a good 8 hours out of the wear. It didn’t last through my gym session but that’s pretty normal. It looked really great on my lighter skin tone – and with a little layering I think it would look really pretty on medium skin tones as well.

The bronzer REALLY impressed me. It layered beautiful to create this beachy glow. It didn’t look orange, just nice a bronzed. The shade I bought was Afternoon Delight. I liked that it contoured my cheeked and temples easily, but also went on nicely with a fluffy brush. It lasted about as long as the blush did!

The highlight was BOMB. It was SO good. I was honestly crazy impressed with this color. I initially chose the shade Flexitarian because it had RAVING reviews online about how blinding it was and it seemed to be the perfect colors for light skin tones. When I opened it up, it didn’t necessarily LOOK blinding in the pan so I was skeptical. However – you can see in the video for yourself: it is see-me-from-the-moon shiny and lasted almost the entire night. 10/10. It applied great with a brush, but also applied a little brighter with a finger.


GUYS. guys. The brow pencil I used to do my brows in this tutorial is SO GOOD. The first one I tried (Brow Boss) left a lot to be desired: it didn’t apply smoothly, the color pay off was minimal and it just really did little more than lightly fill in the brow. The brow pencil actually applied color in small brush strokes, was creamy and almost felt like it was a seamless application. I loved it. It’ll definitely take over as my favorite brow product of the moment. 

I also like the brow gel! It seemed almost identical in brush size + formula to my Benefit brow gel, just with a lot smaller price tag. It smoothed my brows and held them in place. It wasn’t as ‘setting’ as my ABH clear brow gel, but I like that it has a tint to it. 


I’ve tried the eyeshadow from Colourpop before and love it every time. I rarely have complaints for the price, especially. I think they formulate excellent shimmer shades and I’m always impressed at the pigmentation pay off. The mattes are occasionally hit or miss – but all the mattes I used in this tutorial + while swatching seems to perform really well with no real issues. They blended nicely on the eye and didn’t look patchy or too light.

Full face Of COLOURPOP Review + Tutorial


I always like Colourpop colors – but I sometimes thing the matte lipsticks are too drying. This time, I went for the satin lip in “London Fog” and online it looks like a hot pink with some red undertones – but in person it really just looks red. Which is TOTALLY fine and it’s super pretty but if you are purchasing with the intent of getting a pink lipstick – don’t. It’s red. The wear was amazing, it set down but didn’t full dry so it didn’t feel overly drying on my mouth and it didn’t bleed into the lines of my lips. It lasted for quite a while through eating and drinking but I took it off about 4 hours in to go to the gym. 

Setting Spray:

I’ll be totally honest. I didn’t see a big difference in this setting spray vs my other setting sprays. My holy grail setting spray is my Urban Decay All Nighter – and this didn’t really knock that out of the park for me. So I probably won’t switch over any time soon BUT it did feel like and cool on my face. I will need to try it over a full face of makeup that I already know how they perform so I can see if I can tell a real difference. As of right now, I don’t really think this particular product is worth your time or $$.

Full face Of COLOURPOP Review + Tutorial

I really loved the products I used today. Aside from the foundation being about half a shade too dark (but easily corrected with my lighter concealer), I was really happy with all of the colors I matched online. This brand is easy to order from, your order comes quickly, it’s affordable and the quality is really great for drugstore prices. I will definitely be ordering from them more often.

Have you tried any of these Colourpop products?? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve yet to try out this brand, though I’m always hearing excellent things about them. They’re so affordable so I know I gotta test their products at some point! So grateful for your review!

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