Can anyone even believe that 2022 is already at its end? I am continually shocked when I realize just how fast this year flew. 2022 saw some beautiful family vacations, the birth of our sweet Noah, and an overall slower year when it came to work. I intentionally put some things aside so that I could take some time off with our new baby and I am so glad I did. I am excited to share how this year went goal wise – and share what I’m putting on my list for 2023!! Let’s jump in.

NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS: Looking Toward 2023

Last year, my word of the year was “align”. I chose it with the intent and purpose of pruning the excess off the year while I focused on bringing our newest little guy into the family! For 2023, I am choosing this word to carry with me through 2023:


I am choosing PURPOSE as my word because with the relaunch of my Taylor, Lately website and social media pages and a new, revived passion for my business, purpose is really what it’s all about. It’s why I decided to redo my brand and focus on bringing back what I loved so much about this 7 years ago when I started my business.


noun pur路pose | /藞p蓹rp蓹s/

  1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

I want 2023 to be done with intention. I’ve clarified and streamlined and simplified as much as I can, and how it’s time to embrace the work that goes along with this. I feel like I’ve really flourished with both kids, so now that we have a better routine – I feel like I can start creating with real intent again.

I went back to last year’s goal list to see what I accomplished and here was the list:

  1. Pay off Adam’s car AND buy myself a brand new one! Yep!! We completed this one!! We bought my 2022 Ford Explorer in January and paid Adam’s car off in the spring. It was super important for us to work on having just one car payment.
  2. Hit our savings account goal + max out our investment portfolios! We ALMOST hit our savings goals – but came just a tiny bit short. We ended up owing way more for Noah’s birth than expected and we decided to put a large downpayment down on my car so that we could cut the monthly expenses we have. But we are hoping to exceed our goal this year!
  3. Read 2 books / month. I grossly underestimated my goal this year after my 2021 failure – and I knocked it out of the park! I averaged 12.5 books per month in 2022. Read more about my the books I read and recommend HERE.
  4. 65 peloton rides (after I get cleared post-delivery). I almost met this! I had 50 peloton rides this year. I took a longer break after Noah and I’m not going to beat myself up over that. I’ll try again this year.
  5. Increase my monthly revenue + salary from all arms of my business. I did NOT meet this goal this year, which was definitely a bummer. It was the first year in 7 years of business I didn’t see a revenue increase. I took almost 6 months mostly away from my desk after Noah was born and had to really pick up the slack at the end of the year. That said, I have big goals for 2023 now that we have a better routine.
  6. Finally take the business / mindset growth courses I bought over the last year. I did actually get this completed!!! In my downtime, I focused on watching / taking all the courses I’ve purchased over the last couple years.

3/6 on the goal front was bad – and two of those weren’t even total failures, they just didn’t hit the exact number I had plan. Which is totally ok. 馃檪

Here are my goals for 2023:

  1. Hit our savings account goal. I really want us to hit the goal we set for ourselves at the beginning fo 2022. It’s important to us that we have a significant emergency fund just in case. This money will be set aside and not used unless it’s a true emergency.
  2. Begin the hunt for a new house – and potentially purchase! Our goal isn’t necessarily to BUY a new house – but to get the process started for purchasing our next home. We’d like all the steps to be in place and to be actively hunting by mid-end of 2023. And if we DO happen to find something we love, we’d like to be in a position to purchase without hassle.
  3. Read 8 books / month. I know I did over 12 books a month in 2022, but I had A TON of downtime between nursing, newborn snuggling, and pumping. So I’m shrinking my goal just a tad and shooting for 8 books (96ish books total) for next year.
  4. Increase overall business revenue. I’m focusing on a lot of building next year which will hopefully come with revenue increase! I’d like to see an upward trend in all my income streams over 2023. I’m not asking for the best year of my business overall, just an increase from 2022.
  5. Get pregnant with our third (+ final) baby. We’ve done a lot of praying and we know our family isn’t quite complete yet. Our goal has always been to have our kids fairly close in age so that I can be done being pregnant by the time I’m 30 and we can focus on raising them! I’m almost 28, so we’d be thrilled if sometime in 2023, we got pregnant with our last baby.
  6. Create a better and more consistent work routine. With Jack starting preschool, and my mom watching the boys, I am hoping to give myself a more consistent work hour schedule. It’s pretty fly-by-the-seat of my pants right now and that isn’t very conducive to creating the kind of content I want while also seeing my Taylor Mobley Co. clients and recording for the podcast. I am only working about 10ish hours per week, and I’d like to up that a little bit to around 15 hours / week.

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