WHEW. The very last blog post of 2022 is finally here and it’s a good one. Monthly obsessions posts are always a favorite of mine because they’re almost like a little diary into my past self when I look back on them. It’s also always fun to see what are still favorites of mine months and years later when I peek back. I had so many fun things that I fell in love with during the month of December – so here’s what I’ve got for you! Let’s jump right into it.

December 2022 Monthly Obsessions

graphic with text: Monthly Obsessions December 2022. Editor's Note: here are some of my favorite things form the month enjoy! Stephen King book.

Noah Kahan

Fell in LOVE with Noah Kahan this fall/winter season and secured tickets for my sister and I to go see him next September and I am SO freaking excited. That was part of my gift for her this Christmas and I cannot wait to sing Stick Season with everyone in the audience next summer.

Kiss Press On Nails

So I love getting my nails done. I got to Voncii Nails on Highway K when I want to get my natural nails done with gel or dip – but in between appointments (because it can totally get pricey doing them every 2 weeks), I have been really liking to do press ons! I love that they’re inexpensive and I’ve figured out how to get them to last 1-1.5 weeks which is honestly perfect for press ons. And then when I’m done, I can just peel them off with no nail damage. They’re great for events, too, for a low-cost, easily removable option.

Florelle Studio Hand-painted Ornaments

So for the last couple years, I’ve ordered ornaments from Florelle because I just absolutely LOVE her painting style and it’s such a beautiful and personal ornament for your tree. I gifted one to my sister a couple years ago when she got engaged that had a portrait from her engagement session painted on. They’re stunning and I will continue to buy every year!

Normal Brand Cropped Hoodie

This was a Christmas gift for me and I’m obsessed. I actually sized way up and got a large so it’s a little oversized and I love it!! The material is SO soft and comfortable and the color is super cute. 10/10 recommend.

Wordsmithery Party Game

This game was a blast! We got it for Christmas and have played it several times. If you love party games, trivia knowledge and games that make you think – you will love this!!! Would absolutely recommend for your next game night.

Sensory Tree for Babies/Toddlers

This was a gift to Noah for Christmas and I just love it! It’s the perfect size for 6-18 months. I love that it doesn’t take up too much space but still has tons of sensory objects for Noah to touch and play with. It’s also affordable and super easy to put together.

Safe & Fair Birthday Cake Granola

I cannot remember if I’ve posted this in a monthly obsessions before – but it’s totally likely. HAHA! I LOVE this granola. I’m not someone who typically likes overly sweet treats – but ohhhh my gosh. This stuff is ADDICTIVE. It’s one of my favorite snacks. Trust me on this.

Taylor Swift Sweatshirts

This shop is SO CUTE and local to STL. I am obsessed with her Taylor Swift inspired sweatshirts and the quality is fantastic. This would be a great gift to get the girlies in your life who managed to score Taylor Swift Eras tickets before the concert!

Stephen King’s Fairy Tale

This was a different read for me – but I really, really liked it. I am a fan of Stephen King in general, but I was surprised when I started reading it! It’s different than his usual stuff but just as riveting.

Fairy Tale is a dark fantasy novel by American author Stephen King, published on September 6, 2022 by Scribner. The novel follows Charlie Reade, a 17-year-old who inherits keys to a hidden, otherworldly realm, and finds himself leading the battle between forces of good and evil.

Foam Wild Fable Slides

These are $15 and fantastic. 12/10 would recommend. They’re similar to the popular Yeezy slides – for obviously a fraction of the cost. They come in tons of colors and they’re super comfortable. LOVE.

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