There is simply not a year that goes by faster than your baby’s first year of life, I’m completely convinced. I knew that after Jack’s first year flew by…and I expected it for Noah but man. It sure slams you in the face when it gets here. All of a sudden my darling second born baby boy is 12 months old. No longer a newborn – he is walking and saying words, and he’s laughing and he has likes and dislikes and he’s SO happy and he’s SO sweet and he has his own darling little personality. We are just so absolutely enamored with our Noah James. For his birthday this year, we decided to do a First Trip Around The Sun theme to go with his space themed nursery and I’m obsessed.

Noah Turns One: First Trip Around The Sun Party

First things first – a few words to my son:

Noah James. Our sweet second born. Our lives were irrevocably changed the moment you came into the world – so different than my long and arduous labor with your brother. With you, my darling boy…it was just a few hours and exactly three pushes and you were here and perfect. Your daddy and I couldn’t stop looking at your perfect features – so like your big brother but so your own little person, too. You’ve continued to have us wrapped completely around your tiny little fingers ever since. Though you are our second child – not a single milestone has been met with quieter fanfare or less thunderous applause. We simply cannot believe you are ours to love. And there are very few little brothers (maybe none in the whole world) who are luckier than you. If you think your dad and I love almost pales in comparison to how much your big brother loves you. There is nobody who is more excited to see you every day, who is happier to let you play with them or sit next to them or more thrilled to tell the Target cashier – and anyone who will listen – all about you. Second children are funny, you know. I know I’ve done this part before – keeping a little person alive. But you required me to learn all kinds of new things. New ways to soothe and feed and snuggle and hold and play. You remind me every day how much of your own, individual person you are. I’m in awe of you, my little love. Thank you for making me a mommy x 2. Your daddy, brother and I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow and change over the next year. We love you, Noah James.

First Trip Around The Sun Birthday Party

For Noah’s party this year – we decided to roll with the space theme we used in his nursery. We’ve always given Noah space themed toys and he’s just been my little astronaut baby from the moment I found out that he was a boy. So it was only natural to do it for his first birthday!

Here are all of the things I purchased for Noah’s party – a mix of Etsy, Amazon and Target:

Space Astronaut Balloon Garland Kit | Outer Space Invitations | Outer Space Milestones Sign | “One” Space Sweatshirt | “One” Cake Topper | Astronaut Wrapping Paper

We kept the space theme going for his gifts this year, too! Here’s what we got him:

Do You Know? Space Book | Personalized Space Name Puzzle | Silicone Stacking Rocket | Ball Pit & Balls


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