This pregnancy has honestly felt like it’s FLOWN by. The fact that we are done with the second trimester and onto our LAST trimester is wild. This girl is moving and grooving inside my belly and I am feeling more and more excited to get her here to meet her brothers and join the crazy. Let’s dive in!

Baby #3 Second Trimester Recap

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How I’ve been feeling…

My SPD (symphysis pubis disorder) pain started much earlier this time around (around 19 weeks) so walking hurts and getting up after sitting down is AWFUL. I’m hoping I don’t end up on bed rest again like I did at the end of my pregnancy with Noah, so I’m trying to rest as much as possible.

I haven’t had prenatal anxiety and depression as severely as I did with Noah, but I started talk therapy earlier this time and have stayed on top of it, so I feel like that really helped.

My morning sickness was better this time! I wasn’t sick as badly or as long as I was with Noah so that was a RELIEF. However, the tradeoff was my heartburn and acid reflux has basically been here the entire second trimester and it’s BAD. It doesn’t matter what I eat, the heartburn is endless. 0/10 recommend.

My belly is a little smaller than with the boys – which makes sense because she is definitely smaller than the boys were measuring at this point. We’ve had some concerns with her long bone growth, so that is being heavily monitored by the doctors right now! We have another scan in a week to check on her progress.

Baby girl is so active, just like her brothers. She flipped out of breech position by my last check up, which is great. She gets the hiccups just like her brothers, too. I love feeling her move and Jack LOVES to lay his head on my belly and feel her kick. He snuggles and talks to her several times a day and it’s absolutely adorable.

This pregnancy has been so different from the boys, almost the entire time. And aside from the few health scares we’ve had so far (long bone length and 2 brain cysts that ended up resolving themselves), both baby and I are doing well. I am so grateful for that. Each week, I am more confident about making it full term. I am just so excited to get her here and love on her and see all my babies together.

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