It’s that time of year where I start going through last summer’s toys and deciding what we can still use and what we need to replace for the new season! I try to keep our big things in good condition, but sometimes after a year in the garage, they just aren’t up to code for the kids! SO – here are some of my favorite Amazon finds for the kids this summer.

Summer Amazon Finds For Babies & Toddlers

Liberty Golf Set – $27.99

I love this set! It’s quick + easy to set up, the boys LOVE it, and it doesn’t take up much space in our garage with the toys.

Giant Splash Pad – $24.99

This is another win. It gets up to 95+ degrees here in Missouri in the summer, and we NEED cool water relief. This is easy to set up and provides hours of entertainment for the kids.

Car Race Track – $24.99

We’ve had a toy like this for the boys since Jack was a little baby and it’s been a win for BOTH of our boys. They love to race the cars down the tracks, and it’s a great indoor/outdoor activity.

Bubble Monster Truck Lawn Mower – $39.99

Ok, so bubbles are one of our number one summer time activities, so this was a MAJOR win. The bubbles blow as your little one pushes the mower making it a toy they can operate themselves!

Silicone Beach Toys – $29.99

These are SO STINKING CUTE – and super durable. I love that they rinse and wash easily and are soft silicone for babies that still put things in their mouths.

2-in-1 Lemonade Stand – $64.00

This was an IMMEDIATE purchase for our son. He is in a big phase of playing “shop owner” and is obsessed with this.

Play-N-Shade Pool – $73.99

If you have fair skinned babies like I do, shade is a must – especially if they are not quite big enough for sunscreen (little under a year). They can still splash and play without being in direct sunlight.

Unicorn Bubble Machine – $39.99

More bubbles are always better! If your little one prefers unicorns to lawn mowers – we’ve got options!

Frog Pond Water Table – $39.99

Water tables are a big hit the summer for my kids. You can fill with water, sand or rocks and have lots of different types of sensory play.

Sturdy Magnetic Drawing Table – $24.99

This is another indoor / outdoor option! I love things like this because they’re mess free but promote creative play.

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