Happy May, everyone. I absolutely CANNOT believe so fast this year is flying by – and can hardly believe that we’ve lived in our house almost 5 years already. We have done a lot of both major and minor work on our home – painting, finishing rooms in the basement, turning offices into Jack and Noah‘s nurseries, decorating and redecorating, but our guest / kids bathroom has basically stayed the same as it was originally when the house was built. It’s been on my list to give it a facelift for years but it just was never dire enough for me to really worry about. However – with baby girl due in September, I was feeling extra nest-y and decided to tackle it over a weekend! Let’s jump in!

Guest Bathroom Spring Refresh & Update

Below are the “before” pictures of the bathroom! It was an olive green in desperate need of SOME kind of paint touch up, and the cabinet was brown and an eyesore. The only updated fixture in the bathroom was the light, and the faucet + toilet roll holder were both an original, outdated shiny silver finish.

Anddddd…ta-da! Our after! We did as much as we could without FULLY renovating the bathroom. Because we know we are going to be moving within the next year, we decided we weren’t going to put thousands of dollars into this bathroom because we wouldn’t make that back in the house sale. That said – there were absolutely things we COULD do ourselves and on a budget.

My top priority fixes were:

  1. Fixture updates: faucet + toilet paper roll holder
  2. New paint for the walls
  3. Paint the cabinet
  4. Wall art
  5. New bath and hand towels
  6. New mat + shower curtain
  7. Above the toilet storage

Our budget was about $500 so I worked to make sure that the items we selected would fall within that.

Here’s what we ended up actually purchasing:

  1. Faucet: $45
  2. Toilet Roll Holder: $20
  3. Paint for the wall: $75
  4. Paint for the cabinet: $35
  5. New Cabinet hinges: $34
  6. Splish Splash wall art: $17
  7. Bath mat: $18
  8. Shower curtain: $17
  9. Shower curtain liner: $8
  10. Step stool: $10
  11. Soap dispenser: $15
  12. Hand towels: $20
  13. Bath towels: $48
  14. Above the toilet storage: $22


We feel SO happy with how the bathroom turned out. It was the best option for us knowing we aren’t permanently staying in the home, and not wanting to put thousands of dollars into a space that we won’t get a return on when we sell.

What do you think?! Do you like doing minor updates in your home? I always feel like a room feels SO fresh afterwards.


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