When we found out we were having a girl – one of the things I was most excited about was decorating her perfect nursery. The boys have moved into a room together to share while we look for our perfect next home, which meant our little girl’s room was ready to be decorated. The downside to being the third kid, however, is hand-me-down furniture. We used a LOT of the furniture from Noah’s room and just switched up the decor, blankets, and wall art. Let’s jump right into it.

Baby Girl Floral Nursery (+ Name Reveal!)

Our girl is about 7 weeks away from joining our family (give or take) and I am so excited to share her room with you! I am linking all the decor and furniture, and will be sharing her sweet name at the end! We just can’t wait for her to be here!

The room was already painted from when we painted it for Jack (she’s in his old room) 5 years ago – in Sherwin William’s Agreeable Gray. We decided not to repaint since we do plan on moving within the next year, plus it matches the boys room and so the two bedrooms coordinate nicely.

We used the white furniture we bought for Noah and moved it over into her room. The dresser has 6 long drawers and I loved it for Noah! I still had the changing table attachment so it was perfect. We have this crib and this dresser and this changing table top. We ended up using the same rocking chair we did for Jack and Noah, and just moved it out of their room into the nursery. This is the exact chair we have (and have loved for years). 

I also LOVED the side table we had for Noah so we moved that back in here as well! Our Hatch Sound Machine and Infant Optics Baby Monitor go right on this is the table. I chose this one because I liked the basket at the bottom to store all of my nursing / pumping supplies! Instead of the star lamp we have in the boys room, I got a pink one because baby girl.

I decided I wanted to keep the light wood accents in this room to go with the white furniture and it turned out so pretty. These are the frames – one 11×14 and one 8×10. I also hung this white shelf on one of the walls – I use it to hold some more decor. Then, above the dresser, I hung this mirror (it’s SO gorgeous in person) and this four frame pack. Noah’s B&W newborn pictures are in here right now, but I’ll switch them out for baby girl’s once she’s born.

I ordered this quilt from Little Unicorn for baby, and these prints (here and here) off of Etsy. I went with a floral watercolor vibe in her room – so I was STOKED when I found the sign above her crib at Hobby Lobby last week that fit perfectly (I tried to find it online but couldn’t!). I also was looking for some stuffed animal storage, and came across this really cute hammock that goes up in the corner of her room. We also added another alphabet rug in her room, just in pink this time!

And now what we’ve all been waiting for….baby girl’s name reveal!!! This has truly been my worst kept secret – if you know me at all you already know her name and if you are an internet sleuth, I’ve accidentally dropped it MULTIPLE times LOL. Plus, her name is in my bracelet stack if you’ve looked closely there. 😉 But anyways – here we go.

Alice Catherine (Allie Cate)

We simply cannot wait to add you to our family. You complete us, baby girl.

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