We are still waiting for baby to arrive while I write this, but he could make his appearance at any time so who knows – by the time this neutral space themed nursery post is published he may already be here!!! It is time to share his completed nursery with everyone as we wait for his grand entrance because I just absolutely love how it turned out. I spent a long time really curating each little piece of his room and it turned into a space I just truly enjoy being in – and I hope little Noah does, too! I loved putting this nursery together just as much as I loved putting his big brother’s together 2.5 years ago! You can see his neutral safari theme HERE. Let’s jump right into this!



We chose to paint the room the same color as Jack’s – Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey. It’s my favorite color for kid walls. It’s so hard to scuff up – Jack’s walls still look amazing even after 2.5 years and lots of toddler antics. It is a warm-toned grey that matches everything and blends beautifully into the background. I wanted the rooms to match just a little bit so the house feels cohesive. It also just fades behind everything so it’s warm and inviting without being the centerpiece of the room.

This time around, we opted for white furniture. We purchased our furniture from Target again – we did the same for Jack – and just did a different style crib and dresser. I regretted not doing a longer dresser for Jack, so this time I did a dresser with 6 long drawers instead of 3 long + 2 short. I already like it so much better than the smaller dresser we have for Jack. We went with this crib and this dresser and this changing table top. We ended up using the same rocking chair we did for Jack, and just moved it out of his room into the nursery. This is the exact chair we have (and have loved for years).

I also decided to get a rocking chair side table + little lamp this time around, too. I realized when Jack was a baby that I had nowhere to set things down while nursing and rocking him, and it was also a hassle to reach up behind me to turn on the big lamp in his room. We got this beautiful starry night lamp to go on the table with our Hatch Sound Machine and Infant Optics Baby Monitor! This is the table we decided to go with. I chose this one because I liked the basket at the bottom to store all of my nursing / pumping supplies!

I used the crib skirt we used for Jack because it was grey and neutral and matched well enough with the rest of the room. It came with the Lamb & Ivy safari set we got him for his room. I had an assortment of crib sheets already so we only got one or two new ones with space paraphernalia on them. We opted not to go with a traditional quilt + sheet set because I just couldn’t find one I loved. SO I ended up looking around for just a quilt and found this beautiful one! It went PERFECTLY with the neutral space theme we chose and it’s so soft and comfy. It was all we needed!

I also brought up the rug we bought awhile ago for our downstairs playroom (I switched the rug out to a foam letter mat, Jack interacts with that more). It’s a big grey alphabet rug and I LOVE IT. Jack has a very similar one in his room that’s cream and black vs grey and white. It’s soft, washable and super cute for a nursery. We have the 4ft one in Jack’s room and the 5.3ft one in Noah’s room.

For our wall decor, I did a mix of Target + Amazon frames and prints from Etsy! We I wanted to do light wood in this room to go with the white furniture and it turned out so pretty. I bought these frames – one 11×14 and one 8×10 – and put these prints (this quote and this space art) in them! I also hung this white shelf on one of the walls – I use it to hold some more decor / artwork and the baby monitor. Then, above the dresser, I hung this mirror (it’s SO gorgeous in person) and this four frame pack. I plan on putting little black and white detail shots of Noah’s little features in these once he’s here!

For Noah’s closet, I organized his clothes by size and it’s a mix of hand-me-downs from his brother and new stuff I can’t help but buy him. I used standard grey IKEA bins I had left over from our playroom and Jack’s room for the middle closet section and then bought as many of these grey Pillowfort hangers (I couldn’t find them online but pretty much every Target has them in the kids section) as I could get my hands one. These are great for kids clothes – Jack has the same ones in his room but in white! I also added this coiled rope basket for his hamper.

For his window treatments, we opted for a white curtain rod + curtain pull, and grey blackout curtains. It was super simple and looks really clean with the rest of the furniture. I wanted to be able to pull the curtains to one side during the day because otherwise they ran into the dresser + diaper genie.


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