In today’s episode, Rebecca Kay & I discuss what it means to fully automate your business AND where you should start if you haven’t done any automating yet! We also talk about her 4 secrets to optimizing your systems so that you can begin operating at full efficiency – plus, what it looks like to move your business from paper to digital. We touch on a few of Rebecca’s favorite apps she uses to grow and automate her business effortlessly. Find her HERE.

The 4 Secrets To Optimizing Your Systems with Rebecca Kay

Rebecca is a Systems & Automations expert who is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs scale their revenues and burnout-proof their businesses

Rebecca has helped women around the world organize & automate their businesses, enabling them to be ahead of their growth curve, focus on CEO-level activities and create more white space for them to thrive without sacrificing the things that matter the most to them.

Rebecca, a mom of 3 including twins, runs her online business alongside her high-pressure corporate job in the largest global audit firm. Rebecca leverages off her corporate experience in the systems she uses to manage multi million dollar client portfolios, in the support she gives her clients.

With everything you will learn from Rebecca’s methods, you’ll finally be able to say goodbye to burnout for good, take guilt-free weekends off your business and step into the CEO role that awaits you!



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