Today’s episode is all about scaling a profitable online course with Helen Peterson, a virtual assistant and marketing specialist! Taylor & Helen talk all about the value of creating online courses, and why business owners should consider adding this to their revenue streams. We also talk on launch strategy, and Helen’s top 5 tips to having a successful launch! You can find Helen HERE.

How To Create A Scalable & Profitable Online Course with Helen Peterson

Helen Peterson is a Virtual Assistant, Marketing Specialist, and Coach who specializes in helping women create killer launch strategies, run their own online courses, and start their own Virtual Assistant businesses. Helen went from being a full-time stay-at-home mom to a successful, work-from-home mompreneur by building her own thriving online business – and she now helps others do the same through her Virtual Assistant and Online Course Bootcamps. Helen is on a mission to help women create their dream lives, achieve financial freedom, and live & travel the way they want to!



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Show Notes:

  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • A lot of it is like I want to show my kids that they can pursue their passions, whatever that looks like. And so I think for me, hustling like mother is being the example of you can, you can do all the things that you want to. Obviously, it takes support and balance and like trying to find a good routine for your family that can stuff, but like it is possible to pursue your passion.
  • Tell us a little bit about online courses and the space that exists on the internet for them today.
    • What I help clients do, but also just what I coach other business owners into learning how to do themselves too, is setting up automations along with your course. 
    • I actually highly recommend if you’ve even thought about having a path of income online course on your website, wherever in your space, start with a mini course. So something small that is an easy “yes”. It’s not gonna be a huge financial burden on someone who wants to learn what you’re teaching. And approach it with like, I’m going to take them from A to B, like that’s it. Cause what happens is then someone starts with that small course and they take it and then they’re ready for more.
  • I think people get really intimidated on what makes a successful launch and kind of how to go about it. Do you have a few tips for the actual launch of an online course?
    • I can understand why it’s intimidating because especially if you haven’t done it before, like you have no idea where to start or what to do. And it, it’s one of those things where it’s like it can go either way. You can prep for it way in advance and you can, you know, prepare your audience for it. But if it’s something that like your audience has already been asking you for, so something I recommend to anyone like who is in a social media space where people are asking you questions via DMs or Facebook messages or YouTube comments, like they’re asking you how to do something already. Take those questions and save them somewhere. So then that way you can get to a point where it’s like, okay, this is what people want me to share, you know? 
  • So, you know, sometimes launches can be a little bit intimidating or scary, but there are people who specialize in helping people do different parts of their launches. So do you recommend hiring out for launches if possible?
    • Um, not your first time. And that’s coming from someone who gets paid to help people with launches. I guess I shouldn’t say never, but I rarely take on a client who is doing their very first launch because I actually feel like as a business owner and as the creator of the product, like you need to experienceeverything about it the first time because then you hear all the feedback. You write the email campaigns that are going out, like you know your audience best. And you need to kind of like take control. Does that mean like you shouldn’t have guidance? No, definitely not. You can definitely have guidance whether it be through a coach or through another online course to teach you how to do it.
    • I think you should do the actual work the first time because it’s gonna be a lot more successful coming from you than having some copywriter come in and write emails that to your audience that like, don’t necessarily sound like you. And then when you decide to either launch another course or round two of this course that you did, that’s when you know like I can hire someone to do A, B and C. They can take over the posting on the stories, they can take over Canva templates, they can take over email campaigns that are like from the team and not from you personally.
  • Are there any last minute tips that you wanna give us before we wrap this episode up? When it comes to launching an online course?
    • I think like a lot of people, one of the biggest, you know, stepping stones of it all, it’s like, I know a lot of moms especially stumble on the fact that they don’t have enough time. But what I wanna tell you is like, time goes by anyways. You always think like “when this happens I’ll have more time” but it never is the case until you decide to prioritize something. 
  • Do you have any advice for those who might be struggling confidence wise with launching an online course?
    • It’s one of those things where they start to trust you because of what you’ve created. And so the credibility aspect, like we’re not reinventing the wheel in a lot of ways, but how you teach it and how you approach it that makes people wanna buy it from you. So don’t get discouraged if you only have a couple hundred followers. Like that’s where I started with my virtual assistant course and I was still able to like go to six figures that year because of the fact that like I had a community that trusted me.
    • I always think some of the best advice I ever got was to learn from somebody who’s only like two or three steps ahead of you anyways. Because sometimes the people who are 15 steps ahead don’t really remember what it’s like to be at step one and two.
  • Can you tell us where we can find you on the internet? What are some ways they can learn from you and where are you hanging out?

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