Today’s episode is focused on how to create success from setbacks with Whitney Cole, owner of Olive Row (a home decor boutique) and Paint Nail Bar (a toxin + fume free nail salon franchise). We discuss some of the ins and outs of owning a franchise vs Running A Home Business you start from scratch and how you can build true mountains from the valleys in your life. You can find Whitney’s businesses on instagram @paintstlouis and @olive.row!

Building Mountains Out Of Valleys : Franchising + Running A Home Business with Whitney Cole

Whitney is SUCH an inspiration – she started off as a stay at home mom with her two kids and then developed a passion for home decor and custom signs: thus Olive Row was born. From there, she and her husband decided to take the leap and open a Paint Nail Bar franchise (a non-toxic, fume-free nail salon chain). She has an amazing story, and so many words of wisdom for those just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship.



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  • Whitney’s journey into entrepreneurship was unconventional – she was a stay at home mom FIRST and fell in love with owning a business when she started her sign company, Olive Row.
    • This took off pretty quickly and she was able to create relationships with SO many stores and partners.
  • There is something really neat about being able to do both momming and business owning.
    • You CAN serve BOTH sides of you.
    • It doesn’t have to be one or the other.
  • The franchise came about because Whitney was looking for something else to grow, and came across a Paint salon online.
    • She decided to open the salon without ever having stepped foot in one in real life.
    • At the time, they were only taking a certain amount of applications to apply for franchising the salons and they picked her and her husband!
      • From there, they found a location and got to work.
      • In order for franchising to really work, you need to fully align with the vision of the CEO and franchise itself.
        • For Whitney, Paint embodied everything she wished to bring to a business:
          • Supporting other women by providing job and job security.
          • Supporting small businesses by selling their products in the store.
          • Supporting her dream of opening something she could be proud of.
          • Being a local staple in the St. Louis community.
          • Being a fume-free and toxin-free salon that makes it a safe space for EVERYONE to enjoy.
      • When you think about what this can mean for you, finding something that you believe in on every level is KEY.

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