This episode discusses the tiny habits you can start making today that will make a difference in your health, energy and productivity. The key is to start with little habits that actually stick, so that you can make a difference in your work and home life balance. We chat about why female-led businesses need a CEO that fuels both themselves AND their goals. You can find Pona & The Chief Energy Formula HERE.

Achieving Success with Tiny Habits that Stick with Pona Jella

Pona is an Electrical Engineer turned Nutritrionist and Food Technologist. Being a first generation female entrepreneur, Pona believes Mindset and Energy are the two things you need to Succeed. We put our passion before our Health, the road is always up and down and this takes a toll on your health. So she’s created The Chief Energy Formula, to help female founders fuel their goals, because we need more female visionaries in this world to make it a better place.



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  • What does hustle like a mother mean to you?
    • Hustle like a mother is all about keeping your passion alive while you are still abiding by your duties of motherhood and your family responsibilities – it’s a difficult job, right? It’s not something that comes naturally for us, because as human beings, multitasking is not natural. But we train our brains to balance both these things.
  • I would love to hear more about your journey – tell me about how you created The Chief Energy Formula and what led up to that.
    • My dad’s a pediatrician and I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, but then I saw my dad struggle to spend much time with us, and that kind of demotivated me. So I said I’m not going to become a doctor. I want to enjoy life. I’ll do engineering. The pivoting point for me came when my husband was diagnosed with weight-related Type 2 Diabetes and I was pregnant with my first child. His doctor actually suggested he follow a lifestyle change with his food and habits, so I became his accountability partner.
    • In 2013, I decided I’m gonna go back to India and start something here to spread awareness about sticking to regional and seasonal foods. As a holistic nutritionist and as a person who believes in preventative care, I think getting to the root cause of health issues is most important.
    • We are ultimately in charge of what we put in our bodies. How we take care of ourselves is going to determine how successful we are, because we can only go so far and so fast on fumes. We really need that foundation of good nutrition in order to be able to keep up our energy and keep up our mindset and our strength so that we are able to do and achieve the things that we’re hoping to do and achieve. We have a duty to our bodies to try to do the best that we can.
  • Why do you believe nutrition is at the core of achieving success?
    • We focus a lot on habits and energy. The Chief Energy Formula habits are the ones that make your lifestyle and mindset that give you resilience.
    • You have your habits, your food web, and your mindset. Your mindset is the most important thing. The mindset of letting go of things that are not important, because sometimes we are so micromanaging in our businesses and work that we tend to lose the reality of being present in the moment. It creates a lot of stress. if you are not in control of your primitive brain and your mindset is wandering, you become anxious and stressed out. Then, not even the good foods can save you.
    • Being a mother and a business owner, you are setting an example for your kids and your employees. So, if you want your kids to eat their greens and vegetables and want them to learn from you, you need to be an example to them. You need to be that person for your employees, too.
    • When you have this immense energy, you are able to be productive. You don’t have to gobble up your meal just because you need to finish another task. You need to eat it slowly. And you need to be mindful of what you’re eating and not think about anything else or scrolling your phone. You need to have a proper 20-minute lunch. And this will actually double your productivity.
    • There is no magic diet. The only magic diet you need is to eat regional, seasonal and homemade foods.
    • Rest is also important. Please do not overwork yourself or go and exercise or run if you have not rested from the previous day well enough, because that only stresses your body more.
    • I think we can reclaim the word “hustle.” Hustle is actually giving yourself the appropriate room to expand and grow in a really healthy way that still allows for that success and scaling without hurting your mind or body or spirit.

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