Sometimes we just wanna dress up and look pretty, ok? I get it. If you are a mom of tiny humans like me – you know exactly what I’m talking about. I wanted to share this really pretty but super easy summer look you can get in 15 minutes or less (I timed it). For those of you who are just looking for something really glowy and perfect for summer, or for those of you who have tiny people pulling at your arm while you are trying not to look like a troll – this works for both occasions. Let’s dive into it. 馃槈

Physicians Formula 24-Karat Gold Palette / Shimmery Summer Look


I actually really liked this palette. Sometimes PF eyeshadows can be a bit powdery or not as vibrant or creamy as other higher-end options – but honestly, this palette did a great job. I’d compare it to a similar consistency and formula as a colourpop shimmer. I do have some LIGHT beef that there was no matte shades in this palette. I recognize they were going for a “gold brick” vibe, but I would have still appreciated if there had been even just TWO mattes. I wish the two long bars, instead of being “bronzer + highlight” shades would have been transition shades to really round the palette out and make it usable all on its own. It’s hard to get a bronzer brush in that skinny brick and the gold highlight shade is not usable on my skin tone as a highlight. It would be GORGEOUS on someone with darker skin, however. I’ll be using both of them as an eyeshadow. As it stands, I did have to dip into another palette (you’ll see in the video) to grab some transition shades so that it looks complete.

The quality is great. The shimmers glide on the lid nicely, they pack a nice punch and they look really beautiful on the eye. I love that the two lighter shades in the palette (shades 1 + 5) are a really beautiful duochrome-type finish. Shade 1 is a white gold-to pink shift and shade 5 is a champagne-to-pink-to teal shift. It’s REALLY unique and very pretty. The ingredients they boast in this formula are 24-Karat gold + vegan collagen to provide a smooth application and enhance your skin.

I think the box is really cute with the marble packaging. It’s pretty thick, but it’s a nice, standard size so it isn’t difficult to store at all. It comes with a little mini mascara if you wanted to travel with it. 

The box also includes instructions for two different kind of eyes, so you can use their guidelines if you are stuck on how to use the shadows. 



This is a great shimmery summer palette. It has a lot of really pretty bronze and gold shades that look fabulous as a lid topper or in conjunction with a full look. I like to swipe shade 6 over my whole lid, buff the edges and call it a day. It looks SO good with a really skin-focused look and my lash extensions. 10/10.

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts?!

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