AHHH It’s HERE! Jack’s playroom is totally done and I am so excited to reveal it! We did a mini-playroom a few months ago where I created a small corner in our basement that could house all of Jack’s toys in the interim while we finished our basement. The goal ALWAYS to move him over into this space, but in the meantime, we needed a spot to put his stuff while we waited. You can find that transformation HERE. BUT now that our basement is finished, so is his real life playroom. I had a vision for this room from the moment we purchased our home in 2018 (before Jack was even conceived). It turned out better than I even thought! Let’s jump into it!




The idea behind this room was to create a really beautiful and functional play space that could house Jack’s toys while also giving him a fun place to play and grow into. We wanted him to be able to grow in this room without having to do any major updates.

On the back wall, we have 3 framed art prints I found on Etsy. They were so cute and I just printed them out at my local Walmart. We have the 16×20 size. I wanted them to be fun and educational. I almost went with rainbow colors but since we wanted to keep this room pretty neutral, I opted for black and white. We hope to add another little one to our crew in the next year and I didn’t want to do something SUPER gender-specific.

Underneath our prints, we have the toy bin! This houses all misc. toys, odds, ends and tiny books. His puzzles are in here as well as lego pieces. I have things organized by type and most things also have their pieces together in a mesh bag. I also keep his Lovevery stroller + a few of his bigger Lovevery pieces next to the bins. In the corner, we have his stuffed animal bean bag. We put his blankets + stuffed animals in the empty bean bag and it turns into a chair that is also functional! My favorite kind of piece!!

Over on the left side, we have his book holder. It’s super functional and easy to put together. It holds a deceiving amount of books. I love this thing! Above the book holder, I’ve repurposed my letter ledges from upstairs and turned them into letter ledges for the playroom! My goal is to have a “word of the week” on the wall as he gets bigger.

On the right side of that room, we have his toy cubes and table/chairs. I added this additional cube storage with the knowledge that I can get cubed drawers at some point, too, if I needed more drawer space for crafts and what not. Right now, it holds extra books and toys! His table and chairs are a LITTLE big for him, but he will grow into them and for now, they’re great for coloring!

In the center of the room, you can see his alphabet rug. I’m OBSESSED with this thing. Seriously. It’s so cute, it’s SO STINKING SOFT and it is educational! It also goes with the neutral theme. It really warms up an otherwise not super comfortable room. It gives Jack a place to play and lay down on when he’s reading his books.

We also keep his play gate up at the end so that he can play while Adam and I are working and we don’t have to worry about him going into the other half of the basement!


We seriously love how this came together. It turned out exactly how we hoped! AND it’s right in between Adam and I’s new offices, so we can put the gate up and Jack and run and play in between our two spaces. It’s honestly just too perfect! What do you think?!

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