Here we go again – it’s time for another baby! “But wait – Taylor didn’t you just have a baby last year?” Yup! 馃槈 We always wanted our kids close together so this little peanut will make their debut 20 months after our last baby and we are SO STINKING excited. This was probably honestly one of my worst kept secrets of all time. I told literally everyone. I simply could not keep my mouth shut. I had such a hard time bonding with Noah during his pregnancy after our miscarriage (our second baby was a rainbow baby) that when I got the positive test for this little one, I just knew I wanted to soak ALL of the things I missed with Noah’s pregnancy. It’s also totally possible that this is going to be our last baby, and I wanted to experience all of it in its fullness. We know the gender and I’m into my second trimester now, so I am ready to share all about the first trimester with you! Here we go! <3

First Trimester Recap: Here We Go Again – A Third Baby!

NOTE: After dealing with years of PCOS, anovulatory cycles, miscarriage and male-factor infertility diagnoses, I am no stranger to the devastation of losing a baby and looking at months and monthsof negative pregnancy tests before finally seeing those two pink lines. That said, I also know that our journey has not been nearly as difficult as others and if reading about our story is triggering in any way to those currently in the midst of trying to have a baby, I completely understand. If you need to take a break from my content at this time. Know that I am sending you so much love, prayers and positive thoughts for that beautiful, bright BFP in your future.

I always think I’m going to do something cute to tell Adam I’m pregnant – I plan to do it EVERY TIME – and I have failed very time. With Jack, I literally called Adam and told him while he was at work the second I saw it was positive. With Noah, I’m pretty sure I just handed him a test and was like “yay!” or something anti-climatic. And with this baby, I was a full week before my period so I was FULLY expecting it to be negative (but I had a ~feeling~) so when I flipped the test over and saw the FAINTEST of lines, I yelled “shut up I am not” at least 3 times before throwing the test at Adam who was still sleeping on the bed. Whoops.

I tested obsessively with this baby since I was so early with my testing – I got to watch the line go from barely there to a dye-stealer. I called my doctor the week I got my positive (after my expected period was officially late) to schedule a blood test. My doctor is the best because I have so much anxiety after our miscarriage, she books me right away for an HCG test to make sure my levels are going up appropriately and to ease my worry. My levels were low with this baby, but they rose exactly as expected so my doctor wasn’t worried. I had to wait until I was around 10 weeks for my ultrasound, which felt like an ETERNITY, but it ended up being great because they got a super strong heartbeat and we got to see baby dance all over the screen. We also did the NIPTS test that day in the office, so we could test for genetic abnormalities and also get baby gender!

We DID find out the baby’s gender the following week – but we are keeping it to ourselves until the anatomy scan day in a few weeks. Don’t worry – follow along on IG so you don’t miss the reveal if you’re curious!


  1. Morning Sickness (but actually night sickness): This started WAY later than my morning sickness started with both of my boys. With those pregnancies – I was sick right around the 5-6 week mark, and this time I didn’t have any sickness until 8 weeks.
  2. Headaches: I don’t think I had this with my other pregnancies! I have had headaches consistently from about 5 weeks on.
  3. Hip Pain: I am SO mad about this. I had a condition during my pregnancy with Noah called Pelvic Symphasis Disorder which is a premature softening of my hip & pelvic bones and ligaments and it causes severe pain and difficulty walking in the third trimester. I was warned that because I had that condition with my previous pregnancy, I would likely get it again (earlier) with subsequent pregnancies. This started almost immediately and I’m so bummed that it started so soon. I’m hoping I will be able to keep walking without too much pain for most of my pregnancy – but only time will tell.
  4. Exhaustion: This also started later than with my boys! I wasn’t tired until around 8 weeks this time around but now I can barely stay awake. I’m tired all day long from the second I wake up in the morning.
  5. Acne: I thought maybe just ONE pregnancy I could get the “glowing” everyone talks about…but as it turns out, the hormonal acne is in full force once again!
  6. SO HUNGRY: I always forget how starving you are in the first trimester. I literally am eating a snack at all times during the day right now. Mostly cheese and crackers (that’s pretty much all I’m craving) but also sour candy and Lucky Charms cereal. LOL.

We are truly so excited about this sweet baby. I cannot wait to meet them in a few months. It’s crazy how immediately you can fall in love with a little person and how much it just ADDS to the love I already have for my children. It multiplies every time we have another baby.

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