It simply was the most magical night we could have EVER had. I was able to go to the concert with my best friend all the way back from high school and it was absolutely incredible. This was my second Taylor Swift concert (I went to Reputation back in 2018), and Chelsea’s first! There have been SO many recaps of the concert out there, but I simply couldn’t get on with my regularly scheduled programing without putting these pictures and this memory on the site permanently. 😉 I am going to recap our time – but also share some of my BEST tips for surviving a 5+ hour show (especially if you’re pregnant like I am). Let’s jump right in.

Taylor Swift ERAS TOUR Survival Guide

The first thing to know when you go to the ERAS Tour is that you MUST – and I’m so serious about this – dress up. This is not the kind of concert you just *show up* to. Most people choose the Album Era they want to emulate and dress according to that. If you are stuck on what to wear – here are the outfit ideas I broke down by album:










NOW that you have an outfit – you need to stock up on concert essentials. This is a list of my MUST-HAVE concert essentials. My most used items were the clear stadium bag, the loop earplugs and my portable charger. I used those the entire trip!

Other tips that I feel are worth mentioning:

  1. Make Taylor Swift themed friendship bracelets! People are making them and trading them and it’s SO FREAKING CUTE I cannot even deal. They were trading them all around us at our seats and I loved it.
  2. Schedule an Uber or Lyft before the concert ends OR find a hotel within walking distance. The wait time for ride shares after the show are absolutely INSANE. Some people were waiting until 3-4am to get rides back to their hotels. We got lucky with a Lyft, but most people did not.
  3. Wear the sneakers. So many girls had bloody toes and heels from their cowboy boots! Choose a rounded toe / chunky heel vs a pointy toe / sharp heel.
  4. Get the earplugs! This is my best tip. GET THE EARPLUGS! You still hear the entire concert just fine, you just don’t blow your eardrums out in the process.

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