June is almost over which means a few things: 1. my oldest is almost 4 (excuse me while I SOB for the next month), 2. we are one month closer to meeting baby girl, 3. we are in the dead-center of some of the hottest months in Missouri and 4. it’s time to share my 10 favorite things from the month. Let’s jump right into it.

June 2022 Monthly Obsessions

Target Maternity Shortalls

These are SO FREAKING cute. I get so many compliments every time I wear it – and it has lots of room and is super adjustable so I actually think I’ll be able to wear it through the end of my pregnancy, which is great because I feel like I’m already outgrowing some of my maternity clothes.

Caden Lane Personalized Wooden Name Sign

I got one of these for Noah’s birth announcement and loved it so much I knew I wanted to do it again for baby girl!!! I got another Caden Lane knotted gown with her name on it (I did the same for Noah) and added the personalized name sign with the order. They’re such sweet keepsakes and look darling in the hospital photos.

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

I did, in fact, join the rest of the world in my obsession with the Fourth Wing novel by Rebecca Yarros. I have been in SUCH a book slump and this pulled me out IMMEDIATELY. I was instantly drawn in and fell just head over heels for Xaden and Violet. I cannot wait for the second book to drop this November! I have so many to-read books on my list for my postpartum fog weeks. HA!

Cakehouse Designs Desserts

Ok ok ok ok. I’ve talked ENDLESSLY about Townhouse Treats (they make custom cookies for basically every party I throw) but for my baby shower this month, I also ordered a cake and desserts from Cake House. I LOVE this dessert shop and their cakes are simply the BEST in the business. They did the most beautiful job on all the desserts for the party and I would recommend to anyone!

Kenra Hot Spray Firm Hold Heat Protectant Spray

I seriously think this heat protectant is why my curls last up to 4 or 5 days with minimal touch ups. This stuff is SO good. I have repurchased 3 or 4 times now. My only beef is the spray pump gets clogged so easily and is hard to spray so I pour the spray into a continuous spray bottle I got from Amazon and it works way better.

Tonie Box and Figurines

Alright. This little box is awesome. It uses these little magnetic figurines that have songs and stories on it and acts as a speaker to play them. The characters are from popular Disney movies, tv shows, books, etc. and each of them have a run time of about 30 min. This has become one of Jack’s absolute FAVORITE thing. He can turn the characters on himself and switch songs, stories, etc. In fact, he loves it SO much, that the little figurines with the songs and stories that go with it were basically the only thing he asked for his birthday. His favorite right now is the Lightning McQueen character – but he also loves the Toy Story “Woody” character and Simba from the Lion King.

Coco-lined Floral Baskets

My hanging baskets got too heavy and came CRASHING down to the ground off of my porch a few weeks ago (whoops) so we had to get new hangers and pots for them. I went with these coco-lined floral baskets because not only are they beautiful, but they also are environmentally friendly, better for the plants, and reusable year after year.

Pixi On-The-Glow Bronze Bronzing Stick

I got this in a PR packages months ago and just now pulled it out to try and I am SO glad that I did because it is my new favorite thing. I have switched to almost all cream products this summer because powder is just so heavy on my skin and doesn’t fade as well with my summer sweat. This is sheer but adds a sunkissed glow. 10/10.

Ilia Cream Multi-Stick

This is my other cream product add and I LOOOOVE it. I am currently still working through my trial size I got in a gift-with-purchase, but I will absolutely be buying the full size. This blush is GORGEOUS and lasts SO well on my skin. It adds JUST the right amount of peachy pink to my cheeks without being too overwhelming for summer.

Starbucks Peach Green Tea Lemonade

This is a recurring fave. I loooove this lemonade. It is SO good and SO refreshing for summer. I am a big green tea fan and this one is the best in my opinion. It’s light, peachy, and adds just a little kick of caffeine for the 2-3pm slump.


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