Another month, another month, another month. This is the FIFTH September monthly obsessions I’ve written and this series continues to be one of my favorite of all time. They’re like little time capsules for me to look back at and remember the things that I was obsessed with once upon a time – and to see what truly stands the test of time as a still-current fave. Today, we will be looking at my list of 10 obsessions for this month – and it’s SUCH a good mix of clothes, snacks, music, makeup and podcasts. Let’s jump right in!


Amazon Los Angeles Tee

This t-shirt is currently going viral as THE oversized tee for fall. It looks amazing with ripped denim or bike shorts, is flattering on just about everyone and is so easy to pair and style. It’s also super comfortable! 10/10!

The Bronde Hair Trend

Just call me Bronde & Ambitious these days 😉 This is a perfect way to autumn-up your blonde locks for the summer. Instead of brightening up my highlights this last time, I added some lowlights and a bit more of an ash undertone that matches my natural hair color.

Fall-Adjacent Nail Art

This nude/white checkered nail look was SO good for September – neutral enough not to scream “summer” without being full blown fall while it’s still 88 degrees outside. Easy to recreate and adorable! I got compliments left and right with this set.

Chai Tea Lattes *with a little spice*

I’ve been playing with a dozen chai tea latte recipes but my current favorites are an iced chai tea latte with a pump of pumpkin sauce or an iced chai tea latte with 2 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup! Both are DELICIOUS – and both taste exactly like fall in a cup!

Neutral Shackets

I bought this shacket last spring in pink plaid (perfect for February) – and loved it so much that I decided to splurge on the neutral brown plaid this fall. It’s JUST the right weight for those 50-65 degree days, and looks so good over a white or black bodysuit. It’s comfortable, soft and just structured enough to not be labeled a flannel.

Minimalist Jewelry – Tiny Tags

I LOVE Tiny Tags – their dog tag necklaces are probably my favorite dainty jewelry. They make gorgeous birthday or Christmas gifts for anyone who wants a name reminder of their children or grandchildren. They are subtle enough to go with everything while still making a statement.

Fatty15 Supplement

I have started using this supplement and am really loving it! My daily vitamin ritual includes a prenatal vitamin (not pregnant currently – but I use it like a multivitamin), a hormone balancing supplement and Fatty15!

Fatty15 is a once daily oral supplement working to counter age-related breakdown, including strengthening cell membranes, keeping mitochondria working, and naturally activates receptors throughout your body and brain to regulate immunity, metabolism, mood, appetite, and sleep.*

MooMoo Toddler Training Underwear

We are currently working on potty training Jack – and while it’s mostly a nightmare (someone please reassure me he won’t go to college in diapers), these have been super helpful. They’re padded underwear, which means if we catch him fast enough, we don’t have to change his pants or underwear over just a dribble. It’s kept us from having to do full outfit changes after an accident.

Adidas ZNCHILL Lightmotion+ Lifestyle Shoe

I’m not gonna lie – these are probably some of my favorite shoes of all time. These are the PERFECT fall sneaker. They’re off-white, insanely comfortable and super trendy. They’re a little bit pricy for a fashion sneaker, but I will absolutely get enough wear out of it to make it worth it.

Creep It Real Matching Sweatshirts

Theses are so cute and fun for October and Halloween season!! I got matching ones for the boys and I and they are just too fun. Plus, you’ll be supporting a small shop at the same time.

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