I have tried my entire life to figure out fitness and nutrition. I am lucky enough that I didn’t have to work hard at it as a teenager / early 20s, but now, at 29 and after having 3 kids in 4 years, that is no longer the case. I feel it when I eat like crap and I feel it when I don’t move my body enough. For 2024, I vowed that I was going to actually just FIGURE IT OUT. I was going to figure out how not to be terrified of the gym and how not to be terrified of nutrition. And 6 weeks into the new year, I can say that I have gone to the gym – at a minimum – 3x every single week, I am making more conscious choices about my food, I’m planning meals ahead of time and I’m creating habits that really feel like they’re going to stick. Here’s what I’m doing differently.

How I’m Approaching Diet & Fitness As A Postpartum Mom (of 3)

First things first – I found someone who knew what the heck they were doing to help me get started. Enter: Lora Moore! I met Lora via Instagram back in December and after we talked – I knew she was exactly what I needed to kick start myself into gear.

I found that the fear of not knowing how to tackle fitness and nutrition was REALLY holding me back – so instead of trying to piecemeal a plan together that I had no idea would even work, I invested in having someone else who already had proven results in others so that I could take ALL the guesswork out of the plan. Every week, my workouts and nutrition plans are delivered right to my phone and all I have to do is execute that plan.

SO – here’s what I’m doing. My goals, my plan and my body type.

My body to start: I am 145lbs, size 6 jeans. I do not have a lot of muscle in my arms / upper body – but I have strong legs / abs.

My goal for my body: I am not SUPER concerned about losing a ton of weight – but I do want to feel fitter and stronger. That’s my number one goal. If weight gain comes along with that – that’s great! I want to be strong and healthy most of all.

My current workout plan:

*note: I am not doing cardio right now EXCEPT the occasional Peloton ride with my friends. I’m not focusing on cardio at all. The only gym push from my trainer is weight training right now.

Monday: Legs

Wednesday: Chest / Shoulders / Triceps

Saturday: Back / Biceps / Abs

If you aren’t working with a trainer, Pinterest has GREAT workouts that you can do both at home or at the gym!

My current nutrition plan:

So right now we have my calories per day sitting around 1600 with 100-120grams of protein every day.

My goal is to try and get 20-30 grams of protein per meal, and then supplement with a high protein snack once or twice a day. For snacks, I’m LOVING the 1st Phorm or Chomps meat sticks (10-20g of protein in that one snack alone, and only 100 calories), string cheese (8g of protein), and bananas/peanut butter (10g of protein), or a protein bar (10-15g of protein).

The BEST part about working with Lora has been her encouragement – but also, the resources she has available for her clients. I have access to cook books, recipes, busy moms guides, tips to prevent mindless eating, meal examples with big amounts of protein, fast food cheat sheets, and more.

You can find Lora HERE if you are interested in setting up a call with her to see if you’d be a good fit.

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