In this episode, Kendra Swalls takes up through her story and journey to creating Girl Means Business. We discuss the “like, know, trust” factor and WHY it’s so important to building a thriving business. Kendra shares her top tips for helping busy working moms move out of survival-mode and into success-mode. We also discuss the changing landscape of Instagram for social media selling, incorporating IG reels into your strategy and the purpose behind showing your face to the camera. You can find Kendra HERE.

Why Your Business Needs To Be Utilizing The Like, Know, Trust Factor with Kendra Swalls

Kendra is a wife, mom of 2, photographer and educator. In 2012 she started her first business, Paisley Layne Photography, and everything changed. What started as a hobby alongside her teaching career quickly turned into a successful business. In 2017 she left her teaching career behind to run her photography business and start the Girl Means Business brand + podcast.  Now she helps women, like you, take their business form survival-mode to success-mode using the same relationship marketing strategies that have been the foundations for her business success.



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  • What does “Hustle Like A Mother” mean to you?
    • For me, hustle means you’re doing the things that are necessary in the way that you have to do them. You are adapting and accommodating to different needs. You are balancing and coordinating many different things that you have to constantly be figuring out and adapting to make it work for you and the lifestyle that you have.
  • What is your story? / Tell me more about your business journey.
    •  I was an elementary teacher and within the first five years, I realized I wasn’t loving it. Photography was always something that was a hobby and something that I really loved. I  started Paisley Lane Photography and for five years I did that alongside teaching.
    • My photography business started taking off and I really dove into learning about the business side and less about the creative artistic pieces. I enjoyed seeing the success of it being implemented into my business.
    • I started teaching workshops for other photographers that led to teaching workshops and mentoring other female business owners. In  2019, I started the Girl Means Business podcast and brand. On my weekly podcast, I share business and marketing and the kind of mom/life stuff. I also do marketing and social media training and one-on-one mentoring.
  • What is the Like, Know, Trust Factor? Why is it so important for business?
    • KNOW-  People need to know I have this service or product that I offer. It’s important because if people don’t know what you’re doing they can’t like and trust you. 
    • LIKE- The “like” piece for me has always been focused on me being the face of my brand. I want people to have my name be synonymous with my face and my voice to be synonymous with my brand. You can only tell so much from a photo and bio and sharing parts of who you are connects yourself with people.
    • TRUST- This is where you move people from, “I’m just an avid follower to I’m going to now buy your product or service”. Trust comes from underpromising and over-delivering.  Building that trust also comes from testimonials and client reviews.
  • What are your top tips for helping busy working moms move out of survival mode and into success mode?
    • The majority of moms and mompreneurs are in this survival phase. You’re running your business, but your business is also running you. And it doesn’t have to be survival mode. 
    • The people who are doing it and doing it really well have moved out of survival mode into success mode. They do that through using automations and having systems in place and taking the time to create this foundation in your business. 
    • If you take time in your business or in your life to have moments where you’re pushing and have moments where you’re sitting back and kind of taking it all in and going.
  • How can you incorporate IG reels into your social media strategy? What is the purpose and why should we focus on it?
    • Video in general is taking over social media because it is a really great way for people to feel connected to somebody else. Short little videos are a great way to build that know, like, and trust factor. 
    • With reels, you have to be on-trend to be found.  But you need to take the trends and make them fit your niche and your brand. That’s where the magic is when you can find that sweet spot of, I’m using this trend, but in a way that feels authentic to me. Then you’re going to get the reaction, the engagement, and the followers that you want.
  • Where can my listeners find you and what are some ways they can learn more about you and what you have to offer?

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