Happy Tuesday! As most of you know by now – baby boy #2 is on the way and will be here in about 4.5 short months. We are anxiously awaiting this little peanut’s arrival, and in the meantime we are making our list of what to buy before he gets here! We aren’t going to do a traditional baby shower / registry this time around because we already have SO much of what we need from Jack. SO while I’m treating this post like a registry wish-list, it’s all stuff we plan on buying ourselves. 🙂 Let’s jump into these baby registry must-haves!



Sleep + Plays (at least 10) – fun fact: a newborn will spend essentially the full first month in sleep + plays. You might occasionally put them in a little outfit, but honestly – they sleep most of the time and you want them to be comfy. Plus, you’ll probably change them 3 times a day from spit up or blow outs so.

Car Seat – We had Chicco car seats for Jack last time around and really liked them – but opted for Graco this time because it fit with the double stroller we liked best! Both are great options, it just depends on your needs!

Double Stroller – We went with this double stroller because it can grow with the kids! It accommodates a toddler/infant, toddler/baby and toddler/toddler which I think is great. I liked that it potentially could be the double stroller we keep until we are done having kids!

Play Gym – We ordered this one from Lovevery (one of our very favorite stores for babies/kids). I wanted it for Jack but didn’t splurge on it, so we decided to splurge this time around! I already know we will love it.

Diapers / Wipes – We plan on stocking up on mainly newborn and size 1 diapers for the first 2-3 months. That seemed to be what worked best for our first, so we will start there and see how fast baby 2 grows once he’s here!

Pacifiers – I am going to stock up on a couple different brands / shapes to see what baby likes best. Jack ended up not using them at all after 2 months because he is a thumb sucker. BUT just in case this little one doesn’t suck their thumb, we like pacifiers for self soothing and helping with sleep!

Wearable Baby Carrier – We actually have one from when Jack was a baby, but this is your reminder to snag one if you didn’t get one for your first! I plan on getting a new wrap for Noah because I didn’t love the wrap I had for Jack.

Humidifier – These are great for little ones, especially in the winter. Noah will be born in February so I want to make sure the air in his room doesn’t get too dry for him.


Second Video Monitor – We got a completely different one for baby’s room this time because I wanted something that wasn’t totally dependent on the wifi and phone to work. We ended up getting the Summer Infant Optics camera this time and hopefully it’s easier!

Second Sound Machine – This was at the TOP of our list this time around. Our Hatch sound machine is my #1 favorite product we had for Jack. We have used it every single night of Jack’s literal existence. He sleeps with the white noise for bedtime and naps and I credit so much of his sound sleeping to this little machine. 10/10.

Crib Sheets & Changing Pad Sheets – I didn’t get enough of these when Jack was born. I am going to stock up on extras so we don’t have to wash them every couple days.

Waterproof Crib Sheets I want extras of these, too! I only had one for Jack and ended up buying back ups months down the road. We are going to grab 3 this time so we have some back ups!

Baby Hangers – I firmly believe you can never ever have enough little hangers. I am constantly buying more for Jack’s growing closet. I want to stock up before Noah gets here!

Toy / General Storage Bins – I waited far too long to buy Jack a toy box and the little stuffed animals / baby toys drove me nuts when they were so unorganized! I’m going to get toy storage / general “stuff” storage early on this time!

Diaper Changing Station – I did a 3-tiered rolling cart for Jack’s diaper storage and loved it so I’m going to be doing it again! I include the wipes, a container for lotions/creams/hand sanitizer/medicines, diapers, pacifiers, and burp cloths.


Nursing Station – My nursing station was crucial for me with Jack! As I hope to breastfeed Noah, I know I’ll need one of these again. I include wipes, burp cloths, nipple cream, nipple pads, a HAAKA and my pump! Plus a breastfeeding pillow for when they’re little.

Snack basket – I remember how hungry I was when I was nursing Jack so I want to keep a little bin of crackers and fruit snacks to munch on during feeds (especially the late night ones).

Nursing / Pumping Bra – This is important if you plan on pumping / nursing! I am stocking up on some new ones because I wore through the ones I had with J!

Starbucks Giftcards – This is just for fun but…if you really love your new mama friends (especially your second mama friends) – you’ll make sure she’s stocked up on her favorite drinks. 😉

Now obviously, we will be decorating the nursery as well so a crib/dresser are also on our list. We are moving the rocking chair from Jack’s room to the baby’s room because he doesn’t really need It anymore.


I hope you enjoyed these second baby registry must-haves!! GOOD LUCK MAMA!

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