Now that I’m on my second baby, I feel like I have a really good handle on which products I absolutely LOVE and which ones I could live without. So far my babies look identical – but temperament wise are pretty different, so I’ve been able to see which products work for multiple kinds of kiddos! Dr. Brown’s is one of my very favorite brands for babies – we are obsessed with almost everything we try from them and we’ve been using the brand since 2019! I decided to round up my favorite things from the brand and why so you can snag some for yourself! Let’s jump into it.


This post is sponsored by Dr. Brown’s. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Dr. Brown’s Pacidose Liquid Medicine Dispenser 

OKAY this was a GAME CHANGER. I didn’t have this for Jack but have used it for Noah! In the beginning, I used it for helping him get pumped colostrum and now I use it if he needs his vitamin D supplement and it’ll be perfect for meds when/if he gets sick this year.

Dr. Brown’s Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Nightlight 

We used this humidifier for Jack and now we use it for Noah! I am a big believer in humidifiers for sick kiddos and dry weather – so we use them several times a year. As soon as we found out we were pregnant with Noah, we made sure to set up the humidifier in his nursery. 

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti-colic Baby Bottles

Jack LOVED Dr. Brown’s bottles and so far, Noah takes them well, too! We use the 4oz bottles with the anti-colic vent system in there and it works great. Noah has a TON of reflux and gas so the anti-colic bottles are absolutely necessary when he takes a bottle from Adam.

Dr. Brown’s Customflow Double Electric Breast Pump 

I pump + breastfeed so that I can have a freezer stash of milk (plus I have an oversupply with the boys) and I need to pump once or twice a day. This breast pump is fantastic and is hospital grade. I keep it in Noah’s nursery and it’s so nice to have it on hand. It is also easy to travel with! 10/10.

Dr. Brown’s Hands-Free Pumping Bra 

This is CRUCIAL if you are a pumping mama. I love it because it isn’t scratchy – it’s made of comfortable soft material and holds the pump in place so I can go hands-free, which is obviously so important when it comes to having kids and needing your hands!

Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Carryall Tote Bag 

This is the tote that I travel with when I need to travel with my pump supplies. I’ll be bringing it with me when we go to Disney. It fits EVERYTHING I need when it comes to pumping – bottles, pump, pumping bra, burp cloths and wipes.

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