HAPPY TUESDAY, FRIENDS! We are literal days away from the third trimester now so Adam and I drove out to the city to stay at one of our favorite hotels for a few nights for a quick Baby Moon staycation to soak in a little bit of time just the two of us before our sweet boy makes his arrival! We dropped Jack off at my parents and then went to the Le Meridien Clayton and enjoy all of the yummy food and sights St. Louis has to offer. I thought I’d share our itinerary and our experience at the hotel so you can have just as good of a time in the city as we did!

Baby Moon at Le Meridien Clayton in St. Louis

We chose the Le Meridien as our hotel destination spot because of the stunning views, excellent service, comfortable rooms and delicious food available. PLUS – we were also basically 10 minutes (or less) from everything we wanted to do! If you decide to stay during the summer – their outdoor rooftop pool is also phenomenal!

The first night we got to the city, we stopped at Fitz’s Rootbeer – a fabulous restaurant that serves their famous house-made rootbeer and American food (burgers, sandwhiches, soups, etc). Their River Burger is my personal favorite – it’s a cheese burger with bacon and it’s SO good. I also recommend a classic rootbeer float – it’s another DELICIOUS fave.

After that, we saw a movie at the AMC in downtown St. Louis. It’s a small theater but it’s got everything you need to enjoy your movie. Plus, it boasts reclining seats and they’re super comfortable. It’s also a super quick 10 minute drive from the hotel!

We enjoyed the rest of our evening at Le Meridien – ordering room service, snuggling in bed and enjoying the nighttime city lights from our 14th floor room!

Our second day – Adam kicked his day off at the gym, which he said was one of the best hotel gyms he’s been at, and I got ready with the most beautiful view of fall foliage I’ve ever seen. THEN we got breakfast at the hotel and if I can make a recommendation, order the Brioche French Toast with fresh berries. It’s SO GOOD. Adam got the buffet breakfast and he said it was the best buffet breakfast he’s ever had (which is honestly high praise).


Then we went to a little small shop market for some Christmas shopping and spent the rest of the morning in Central West End window shopping and enjoying the cute downtown area. We LOVE this part of the city but we rarely get down here! We stopped at a cute eclectic knick knack store and found the PERFECT niche gift for my dad, and then stopped at one of our favorite locally owned bookstore and I picked out a new book for myself to read over the weekend. I couldn’t put it down and ended up finishing it Sunday night. HA!

After our city shopping, we went back to the hotel for a nap before we ate a late lunch. As the parents of toddlers, we almost never get uninterrupted nap time together so we took full advantage. Plus, our bed was insanely comfortable.

When we DID finally wake up (almost two hours later) – we walked to the cutest little diner up the street called Cafe Manhattan! It seriously was a 5 minute walk from the hotel. It was so yummy – I highly recommend the turkey sandwich and cheese fries with a chocolate malt. It was all decked out like a retro diner and we enjoyed everything we ordered.

We headed back to the hotel after lunch to lounge some more and I read more of my book! We relaxed and spent the rest of our afternoon chatting and planning our Thanksgiving week (we will be out of town the whole week so lots of logistics to sort out!), as well as getting our finalized list together of everything we need to do before Noah is born.

We ate dinner the hotel restaurant! Adam got the steak and loved it, and I had the French onion soup! I loved that the hotel had a huge list of mocktails they could make me so even though I am very pregnant, I could still enjoy a delicious drink. I ordered a virgin Paloma and couldn’t recommend it more!

We seriously loved our stay at Le Meridien and loved the night we were able to get away just the two of us. I love any time we get for 1:1 connecting. It’s SO important as a couple, especially when we are so close to adding another child to our family.

Did you take a baby moon when you were expecting your kids!? Where did you go?! Let me know below!

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